[cairo-announce] cairo snapshot 0.3.0 now available

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Jan 21 13:06:35 PST 2005

A new cairo snapshot 0.3.0 is now available from:

        78c1a536d3a45bdc06a8335d33e63d8f  cairo-0.3.0.tar.gz

Lot's of goodies here. Faster. Debut of PDF and Quartz
backends. Details below.

Have fun out there,


PS. Next major snapshot should have our first "supported" win32

Snapshot 0.3.0 (2005-01-21 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
Major API changes
1) The public header files will no longer be directly installed into
   the system include directory. They will now be installed in a
   subdirectory named "cairo", (eg. in /usr/include/cairo rather than
   in /usr/include).

   As always, the easiest way for applications to discover the
   location of the header file is to let pkg-config generate the
   necessary -I CFLAGS and -L/-l LDFLAGS. For example:

	cc `pkg-config --cflags --libs cairo` -o foo foo.c

   IMPORTANT: Users with old versions of cairo installed will need to
              manually remove cairo.h and cairo-features.h from the
              system include directories in order to prevent the old
              headers from being used in preference to the new ones.

2) The backend-specific portions of the old monolithic cairo.h have
   been split out into individual public header files. The new files


   Applications will need to be modified to explicitly include the new
   header files where appropriate.

3) There are two new graphics backends in this snapshot, a PDF
   backend, and a Quartz backend. There is also one new font backend,

PDF backend
Kristian Høgsberg has contributed a new backend to allow cairo-based
applications to generate PDF output. The interface for creating a PDF
surface is similar to that of the PS backend, as can be seen in

	cairo_set_target_pdf (cairo_t	*cr,
			      FILE	*file,
			      double	width_inches,
			      double	height_inches,
			      double	x_pixels_per_inch,
			      double	y_pixels_per_inch);

	cairo_surface_t *
	cairo_pdf_surface_create (FILE		*file,
				  double	width_inches,
				  double	height_inches,
				  double	x_pixels_per_inch,
				  double	y_pixels_per_inch);

Once a PDF surface has been created, applications can draw to it as
any other cairo surface.

This code is still a bit rough around the edges, and does not yet
support clipping, surface patterns, or transparent gradients.  Text
only works with TrueType fonts at this point and only black text is
supported.  Also, the size of the generated PDF files is currently
quite big.

Kristian is still actively developing this backend, so watch this
space for future progress.

Quartz backend
Calum Robinson has contributed a new backend to allow cairo
applications to target native Mac OS X windows through the Quartz
API. Geoff Norton integrated this backend into the current
configure-based build system, while Calum also provided Xcode build
support in the separate "macosx" module available in CVS.

The new interface, available in cairo-quartz.h, is as follows:

	cairo_set_target_quartz_context (cairo_t	*cr,
					 CGContextRef	context,
					 int		width,
					 int		height);

	cairo_surface_t *
	cairo_quartz_surface_create (CGContextRef context,
				     int	  width,
				     int	  height);

There is an example program available in CVS in cairo-demo/quartz. It
is a port of Keith Packard's fdclock program originally written for
the xlib backend. A screenshot of this program running on Mac OS X is
available here:


ATSUI font backend
This new font backend complements the Quartz backend by allowing
applications to use native font selection on Mac OS X. The interface
is a single new function:

	cairo_font_t *
	cairo_atsui_font_create (ATSUStyle style);

Minor API changes
Prototype for non-existent function "cairo_ft_font_destroy" removed.

Now depends on libpixman 0.1.2 or newer, (0.1.3 is being released
concurrently and has some useful performance improvements).

Default paint color is now opaque black, (was opaque white). Default
background color is transparent (as before).

Renamed "struct cairo" to "struct _cairo" to free up the word "cairo"
from the C++ identifier name space.

Functions returning multiple return values through provided pointers,
(cairo_matrix_get_affine, cairo_current_point, and
cairo_current_color_rgb), will now accept NULL for values the user
wants to ignore.


Performance improvements
Alexander Larsson provided some fantastic performance improvements
yielding a 10000% performance improvement in his application, (when
also including his performance work in libpixman-0.1.3). These include

 * Fixed handling of cache misses.

 * Creating intermediate clip surfaces at the minimal size required.

 * Eliminating roundtrips when creating intermediate Xlib surfaces.

Major re-work of font metrics system by Keith Packard. Font metrics
should now be much more reliable.

Glitz backend
Updated for glitz-0.3.0.
Bug fixes in reference counting.

Test suite
New tests for cache crashing, rotating text, improper filling of
complex polygons, and leaky rasterization.

Bug fixes
Fixed assertion failure when selecting the same font multiple times in

Fixed reference counting so cache_destroy functions work.

Remove unintended copyright statement from files generated with
PostScript backend.

Fixed to eliminate new warnings from gcc 3.4 and gcc 4.
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