[cairo-announce] cairo snapshot 0.4.0 now available

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Mar 8 19:39:21 PST 2005

A new cairo snapshot 0.4.0 is now available from:

        2c76c6f6717cb5fc7398eb2e0f9cb025  cairo-0.4.0.tar.gz

The biggest new change in this snapshot is the new win32 backend.

Unfortunately, the quartz backend is disabled in this snapshot.

This new version also depends on libpixman >= 0.1.4.

See detailed notes below.

Also, this is the final snapshot before we will be making some very
major changes to the API. We have been discussing these changes on the
cairo at cairographics.org mailing list. See the many "API Shakeup"
threads here for details:


Or, just wait for us to wrap those changes up, at which point we will
announce a porting guide here.

Have fun!


Snapshot 0.4.0 (2005-03-08 Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>)
New documentation
Owen Taylor has converted cairo's documentation system to gtk-doc and
has begun some long-needed work on the documentation, which can now be
viewed online here:


New backend: win32
This is the first snapshot to include a functional win32 backend,
(thanks to Owen Taylor). The interface is as follows:

	#include <cairo-win32.h>

	cairo_set_target_win32 (cairo_t *cr,
				HDC      hdc);

	cairo_surface_t *
	cairo_win32_surface_create (HDC hdc);

	cairo_font_t *
	cairo_win32_font_create_for_logfontw (LOGFONTW       *logfont,
					      cairo_matrix_t *scale);

	cairo_win32_font_select_font (cairo_font_t *font,
				      HDC           hdc);

	cairo_win32_font_done_font (cairo_font_t *font);

	cairo_win32_font_get_scale_factor (cairo_font_t *font);

And see also the documentation at:


Disabled backend: quartz
Unfortunately, the quartz backend code is currently out of date with
respect to some recent backend interface changes. So, the quartz
backend is disabled in this snapshot.

If the quartz backend is brought up-to-date before the next snapshot,
we would be glad to make a 0.4.1 snapshot that re-enables it, (we do
not expect many more big backend interface changes).

API Changes
The font system has been revamped, (as Owen Taylor's work with
integrating pango and cairo gave us the first serious usage of the
non-toy font API).

One fundamental, user-visible change is that the cairo_font_t object
now represents a font that is scaled to a particular device
resolution. Further changes are described below.

 Removed cairo_font_set_transform and cairo_font_current_transform.

 Added cairo_font_extents and cairo_font_glyph_extents. See
 documentation for details:


 The cairo_ft_font API changed considerably. Please see the
 documentation for details:


Make the fast-path clipping (pixel-aligned rectangles) faster.

Add optimization for applying a constant alpha to a pattern.

Optimize gradients that are horizontal or vertical in device space.

Xlib: When RENDER is not available, use image surfaces for
intermediate surfaces rather than xlib surfaces.

Backend-specific changes
 Major update to glitz backend. The output quality should now be just
 as good as the image and xlib backends.

 Track changes to glitz 0.4.0.

 Various improvements to produce more conformant output.

David Reveman contributed a large re-work of the cairo_pattern_t
implementation, providing cleaner code and more optimization

 Backend interface changes
 Rework backend interface to accept patterns, not surfaces for source
 and mask.

 Remove set_matrix, set_filter, and set_repeat functions.

 More sophisticated backend interface for image fallbacks,
 ({acquire,release}_{source,dest}_image() and clone_similar).

Bug fixes
Only install header files for backends that have been compiled.

Fixed some rounding errors leading to incorrectly placed glyphs.

Many other minor fixes.
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