[cairo-announce] cairomm release 0.6.0 now available

Jonathon Jongsma jonathon.jongsma at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 18:56:16 PDT 2006

A new cairomm release 0.6.0 is now available from:


    which can be verified with:

        127874d456cce70f0d126fa7ed2b3bc59507605d  cairomm-0.6.0.tar.gz

        (signed by Jonathon Jongsma)

Updates since 0.5.0:
* API:
  - enumerations are now wrapped within the Cairo namespace.  So, for example,
    CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32 becomes Cairo::FORMAT_ARGB32
* Examples: added simple text example translated from Cairo.
* Bugfixes for the Glitz and Windows backends.
* Build and installation improvements (Danilo Piazzalunga)

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