[cairo-announce] cairo snapshot 1.1.4 now available

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Wed May 3 01:50:54 PDT 2006

A new cairo snapshot 1.1.4 is now available from:


    which can be verified with:

        b79306cff7db38227a95929810ad829ed46124f8  cairo-1.1.4.tar.gz

        (signed by Carl Worth)

  Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:

	git clone git://git.cairographics.org/git/cairo

    will include a signed 1.1.4 tag which points to a commit named:

    which can be verified with:
	git verify-tag 1.1.4

    and can be checked out with a command such as:
	git checkout -b build 1.1.4

This is the second in a series of snapshots working toward the
upcoming 1.2 release of cairo. For a list of items still needing work
on the cairo 1.2 roadmap, please see:


In particular, note that it is still planned for the PDF backend to
get page-resizing support before 1.2, (as PostScript receives here
with the 1.1.4 snapshot).

This snapshot is backwards-compatible with the 1.0 series---it makes a
few API additions but does not remove any API. See a few paragraphs
below for details on what's new in 1.1.4.

What is cairo
Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output
devices. Currently supported output targets include the X Window
System, win32, and image buffers. Experimental backends include OpenGL
(through glitz), Quartz, XCB, PostScript and PDF file output.

Cairo is designed to produce consistent output on all output media
while taking advantage of display hardware acceleration when available
(for example, through the X Render Extension).

The cairo API provides operations similar to the drawing operators of
PostScript and PDF. Operations in cairo including stroking and filling
cubic Bézier splines, transforming and compositing translucent images,
and antialiased text rendering. All drawing operations can be
transformed by any affine transformation (scale, rotation, shear,

Cairo has been designed to let you draw anything you want in a modern
2D graphical user interface.  At the same time, the cairo API has been
designed to be as fun and easy to learn as possible. If you're not
having fun while programming with cairo, then we have failed
somewhere---let us know and we'll try to fix it next time around.

Cairo is free software and is available to be redistributed and/or
modified under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL) version 2.1 or the Mozilla Public License (MPL)
version 1.1.

Where to get more information about cairo
The primary source of information about cairo is:


The latest releases of cairo can be found at:


Snapshots of in-development versions of cairo:


The programming manual for using cairo:


Mailing lists for contacting cairo users and developers:


Answers to some frequently asked questions about cairo:


What's new in 1.1.4 compared to 1.1.2
PostScript backend: new printing-oriented API
We anticipate that with cairo 1.2, toolkits will begin to use cairo
for printing on systems that use PostScript as the spool format. To
support this use case, we have added 4 new function calls that are
specific to the PostScript backend:


These functions allow variation of the page size/orientation from one
page to the next in the PostScript output. They also allow the toolkit
to provide per-document and per-page printer control options in a
device-independent way, (for example, by using PPD options and
emitting them as DSC comments into the PostScript output). This should
allow toolkits to provide very fine-grained control of many options
available in printers, (media size, media type, tray selection, etc.).

SVG backend: builds by default, version control
The SVG backend continues to see major improvements. It is expected
that the SVG backend will be a supported backend in the 1.2
release. This backend will now be built by default if its dependencies
(freetype and libxml2) are met.

Additionally, the SVG backend now has flexibility with regard to what
version of SVG it targets. It will target SVG 1.1 by default, which
will require image fallbacks for some of the "fancier" cairo
compositing operators. Or with the following new function calls:


it can be made to target SVG 1.2 in which there is native support for
these compositing operators.

Bug fixes
At least the following bugs have been fixed since the 1.1.2 snapshot:

crash at XRenderAddGlyphs

Can't build cairo-1.1.2 on opensolaris due to " void function cannot return value"

Missing out-of-memory check at gfx/cairo/cairo/src/cairo-atsui-font.c:185

A couple of memory leaks.
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