[cairo-announce] Cairo participates in Google Summer of Code 2008

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Tue Mar 18 09:41:20 PDT 2008

Welcome, students!

The cairo graphics project is participating in Google Summer of Code
2008[1]. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain
experience with the free-software community, work closely with
experts, and also make a valuable contribution to a significant
project. More than that, working with the cairo graphics library and
community is a lot of fun!  (And Google even pays the student a little

Interested students should review Google's overview of the program and
also the cairo project's ideas[2]. Each idea in this list contains a
short description of what the project would consist of, and also a
difficulty rating (Easy, Medium, or Hard), so that students can better
estimate their ability to complete the project.

Any student that sees an interesting project idea there should then
subscribe to the cairo at cairographics.org mailing list[3] and send an
email off stating the project of interest. There on the list, the
student can start to interact with potential mentors and learn more
details about what the project will require.

Finally, between March 24 and March 31, (see Google's timeline[4] for the
exact cutoff dates/times) students will submit applications to the
Summer of Code program. And then the real fun starts as mentors and
students work together over the (northern hemisphere) summer to make
cairo more excellent than ever.

We're pleased that you're interested in the cairo graphics
library. And we hope that you enjoy playing with and improving this
code. Have fun with cairo!


[1] Google Summer of Code 2008

[2] Cairo Summer of Code Project Ideas

[3] Cairo mailing lists subscription information

[4] Google Summer of Code 2008 timeline
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