[cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] Stable pixman release 0.16.0 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Fri Aug 28 05:59:59 PDT 2009

A new major release 0.16.0 of the pixman library is now available.
New features since the last stable release, 0.14.0, include:

   * Support for PDF blend modes [Benjamin Otte, Carlos Garcia Campos]

   * A number of fast paths for ARM NEON [Jeff Muizelaar, Jonathan
	Morton, Siarhei Siamashka, Ian Rickards]

   * Support for PIXMAN_REPEAT_REFLECT for images [Thomas Jaeger]

   * New image formats:
        a2r10g10b10, x2r10g10b10 [Ben Skeggs]
	b8g8r8a8, b8g8r8x8 [Mike Kettenis]

   * Support for MMX and SSE2 on Sun compilers and Solaris [Alan

   * Support for SSE2 on Windows x64 [George Yohng]

Also new in this release:

   * A reorganisation of pixman's internals to make future development
     and maintenance easier [Søren Sandmann Pedersen]

   * A substantial expansion of pixman's test suite [Siarhei Siamashka]

Thanks to everyone who contributed to pixman 0.16.0, including Adam
Jackson, Adrian Bunk, Alan Coopersmith, Andre Tupinamba, Ben Skeggs,
Benjamin Otte, Carlos Garcia Campos, Chris Wilson, George Yohng,
Guillaume Letellier, Ian Rickards, Jeff Muizelaar, Jonathan Morton,
Loïc Minier, Luca Barbato, M Joonas Pihlaja, Magnus Kessler, Makoto
Kato, Mark Kettenis, Michel Dänzer, Miha Vrhovnik, Siarhei Siamashka,
Søren Sandmann Pedersen, Thomas Jaeger, and William Bonnet.




	MD5:  46147b142ea530847e2228940f1cd535  pixman-0.16.0.tar.gz
	MD5:  183dea8a100c1d9732cdb2146ec90f68  pixman-0.16.0.tar.bz2
	SHA1: 339112dc4d7b8d2d241b5077e18c46104cebc701  pixman-0.16.0.tar.gz
	SHA1: 7cf1f2261ba44b3c98cf3d2a32e9fd90b12ca19e  pixman-0.16.0.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
	(signed by Søren Sandmann Pedersen <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>

	tag: pixman-0.16.0

	Adam Jackson (1):
	      Fix overflows during trap rasterization. [Bug 16560].
	Adrian Bunk (2):
	      Fix the NEON build after "Convert CamelCase names to underscore_names."
	      Fix NEON build for older ARM CPUs
	Alan Coopersmith (3):
	      Fix MMX & SSE intrinsics to work with Sun compilers & Solaris
	      Replace custom type ullong with standard uint64_t in pixman-mmx.c
	      Add solaris-hwcap.mapfile to EXTRA_DIST
	Ben Skeggs (1):
	      Add accessor functions for PIXMAN_x2r10g10b10 and PIXMAN_a2r10g10b10
	Benjamin Otte (35):
	      Add support for extended blend mode. First pass.
	      use a pixman_op_t here
	      Add INVERT and SUBTRACT blend modes used in Flash
	      use PDF algorithm for soft-light
	      fix ColorDodge and ColorBurn to conform to the PDF spec
	      add nonseperable blend modes from PDF spec
	      remove invert operator
	      prefix HSL operators with HSL
	      clean up seperable blend modes
	      rewrite nonseperable blend modes the same way as seperable ones
	      add component-alpha versions of the seperable blend-modes
	      add non-seperable versions for component alpha
	      invent a Subtract operator for component alpha
	      remove a leftover debugging statement
	      remove semicolon at end of macro
	      typo fix: Seperable => Separable
	      rework blend-mode documentation to match current code better
	      rename operator SUBTRACT to FLASH_SUBTRACT
	      fix component-alpha versions for seperable blend modes
	      fix comment
	      fix Multiply component-alpha version
	      correct subtract implementation
	      remove debugging leftovers
	      fix component-alpha versions to set source to 0 when mask is 0
	      Fix burn and dodge operators to match acroread output
	      Fix terms in comments describing the blend modes
	      Clarify color dodge code - no semantical changes
	      Clarify color burn code - no semantical changes
	      Handle degenerate case in pixman_init_rect()
	      Handle degenerate case in pixman_init_extents()
	      Add a lot more sanity checks to region code
	      Make the text when reporting a broken region more useful
	      Simplify code that logs errors
	      Log errors for invalid rectangles passed to region code
	      Don't warn for empty rectangles, only degenerate ones
	Carlos Garcia Campos (5):
	      [TEST] Update composite-test to test more operators
	      Fix typo
	      Do not use combineMask in component-alpha functions
	      Use floating point in SetLum
	      Fix BlendColorBurn
	Chris Wilson (6):
	      Check for allocation errors during pixman_op()
	      Check for failure when intersecting regions.
	      Fix read of BITS members from a solid image.
	      Fix inversion of radial gradients when r2 > r1
	      Explain how we can simplify the radial gradient computation
	      _pixman_run_fast_path: typo
	George Yohng (1):
	      Add implementation of MMX __m64 functions for MSVC x64.
	Guillaume Letellier (1):
	      Fix ARM build.
	Ian Rickards (1):
	      Add support for ARM NEON fast paths
	Jeff Muizelaar (12):
	      Add support for doing ARM simd detection on Windows
	      Add support for doing ARM simd detection on Windows
	      Enable fbCompositeSrcAdd_8888x8x8neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSrcAdd_8000x8000neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSrc_x888x0565neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSrc_8888x8888neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSrc_8888x8x8888neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSolidMask_nx8x0565neon
	      Enable fbCompositeSolidMask_nx8x8888neon
	      Enable NEON assembly when we can build it
	      Fix uses of dst_keep
	      NEON: Remove some unneeded casts
	Jonathan Morton (20):
	      Avoid malloc() by allocating a fixed set of boxes on the stack
	      Fix compile error caused by e42fae9e8364f5f0791f9fce749ab18b33acf598
	      Initialize the ARM SIMD fast path array.
	      Fixup the arm-simd and arm-neon implementations.
	      Add more NEON fast paths
	      Enable NEON fills.
	      Enable NEON copies.
	      Enable NEON straight blits.
	      Replace fbCompositeSrc_x888x0565neon with fbCompositeSrc_24x16neon.
	      Delete now-unused fbCompositeSrc_x888x0565neon().
	      [NEON] Fix filler bug.
	      [NEON] Really fix filler bug.
	      Misc warning fixes.
	      Better CFLAGS handling for recent ARM platforms.
	      Add RVCT support for straight blitter.
	      [NEON] Replace Ian's glyph-blitter with a better one.
	      [NEON] Add transparent rect blitter.
	      [NEON] Add ARGB8-over-RGB565 compositing blitter.
	      Avoid overrunning scanlines in NEON blitters.
	Loïc Minier (1):
	      Fix fd check after auxv file open() [Bug 21749]
	Luca Barbato (1):
	      Update vmxCombine*U to the new interface
	M Joonas Pihlaja (2):
	      Remove redundant NULL checks from general_composite_rect().
	      Check whether the linker understands the hwcap file before using it.
	Magnus Kessler (1):
	      pixman: define pixman_have_{mmx,sse2} on 64-bit Linux
	Makoto Kato (1):
	      Remove spurious spaces in pixman-x64-mmx-emulation.h
	Mark Kettenis (1):
	      Add support for BGRA and BGRx formats.
	Michel Dänzer (2):
	      Fix the build on big endian machines.
	      Convert some leftover instances of Alpha() in pixman-vmx.c.
	Miha Vrhovnik (1):
	      Update Makefile.win32 to make it work again.
	Siarhei Siamashka (17):
	      Image scaling regression test script
	      Set srcRepeat = False when using fbCompositeSrcScaleNearest
	      Updated scaling test to support rgb565, source clipping, etc.
	      Fixed rendering bug for source alpha == 0 in OVER fastpath functions
	      Scaling test updated to provide better coverage for problematic cases
	      Use -mcpu instead of -march for ARM SIMD runtime autodetection
	      Really fix ARM build.
	      Fix scaling-test to work on big endian systems
	      Return nonzero code from scaling-test program in case of failure.
	      ARM: Use Ian's variant of 'neon_composite_over_n_8_0565' function again
	      ARM: Commented out the rest of buggy NEON optimizations
	      ARM: Workaround cs2007q3 compiler bug for NEON registers clobber list
	      ARM: Fixes for the inline assembly constraints in pixman_fill_neon
	      Test program for stressing the use of different formats and operators
	      HACK: updated test to better cover new neon optimizations
	      One more update to blitters-test - use aligned memory
	      ARM: a fix to pass blitters-test for 'neon_composite_over_n_8_0565'
	Søren Sandmann Pedersen (455):
	      Bump version number post-release
	      Reinstate SrcScaledNearest optimization
	      Add license and copyright holders to COPYING
	      Remove stale comment
	      Add a new trap-test test program.
	      Fix pixbuf_from_argb32() to take premultiplied alpha into account
	      Fix search and replace issue
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Add trap-crasher.c test program
	      Include string.h and fix warning in trap-test.c
	      Move all the GTK+ test code into its own file, utils.c
	      Mention utils.h in test/Makefile.am so that make dist will pick it up
	      Add refactoring notes
	      More refactoring notes
	      Move SourcePictClassify into pixman-image.c
	      Move calls of the classification out of the if statements.
	      Add notes on how Render actually works
	      More refactoring notes
	      Get rid of SOURCE_IMAGE_CLASS_NEITHER again
	      Factor out duplicated fetcher finding code
	      Simplify logic to compute store function
	      Move fetch logic to pixman-image.c
	      Move store logic into pixman-image.c
	      Remove unused xoff/yoff variables
	      Remove accessor version of pixman-compose.c
	      Make combineC function type take const args
	      Change type of combineU to take a mask
	      Get rid of separate combineU and combineC types
	      Have the generic code go through the component alpha path always
	      Use memcpy() in fbCombineSrcU when there is no mask
	      Implement the sse2 combiners with masks (disabled)
	      Enable sse2CombineOverU
	      Enable sse2CombineOverReverseU
	      Enable sse2CombineInU
	      Enable sse2CombineInReverseU
	      Enable sse2CombineOutU
	      Enable sse2CombineOutReverseU
	      Enable sse2CombineAtopU
	      Enable sse2CombineAtopReverseU
	      Enable sse2CombineAtopXorU
	      Enable sse2CombineAddU
	      Enable sse2CombineSaturateU
	      Implement the mmx combiners with masks (disabled)
	      Enable mmxCombineOverU
	      Enable mmxCombineOverReverseU
	      Enable mmxCombineInU
	      Enable mmxCombineInReverseU
	      Enable mmxCombineOutU
	      Enable mmxCombineOutReverseU
	      Enable mmxCombineAtopU
	      Enable mmxCombineAtopReverseU
	      Enable mmxCombineXorU
	      Enable mmxCombineAddU
	      Enable mmxCombineSaturateU
	      Optimize source reading in combine4
	      Remove unused combineMaskU functions
	      Fix divide-by-zero crash
	      Remove unused CombineMask64 type
	      Add test that shows difference in clipping with transformed vs untransfor
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Don't call hyphenated git commands as they don't exist anymore
	      Don't read potentially uninitialized data in pixman_CombineMaskU()
	      Split solid fill images into pixman-solid-fill.c
	      Split linear gradient images into pixman-linear-gradient.c
	      Split radial gradient images into pixman-radial-gradient.c
	      Split conical gradient images into pixman-conical-gradient.c
	      Split pixel images into pixman-bits-image.c
	      Add stubs for property_changed virtual functions
	      Store get_scanline() functions in the image struct
	      Set up scanline getters for source pictures
	      Set up scanline getters for bits images
	      Replace pixman_image_get_fetchers() with pixman_image_get_scanline_{32,64
	      Move the gradient walker code to its own file
	      Add a generic 64 bit fetcher and use it for gradients and transformed ima
	      Rename pixmanFetchSourcePict to pixmanFetchGradient
	      Move the linear gradient code from pixman-source.c into pixman-linear-gra
	      Duplicate some code that was shared between radial and conical gradients.
	      Move the radial gradient code form pixman-source.c into pixman-radial-gra
	      Move conical gradient code to pixman-conical-gradient.c and delete pixman
	      Move CPU detection code to its own file
	      Move the arch specific fast path tables into their arch files
	      Move C fast paths to their own file pixman-fast-path.c
	      Notes on the rendering pipeline
	      Describe alpha map in the pipeline
	      Some roadmap notes
	      Further notes on the rendering pipeline
	      Notes on output kernels
	      Note about glyphs polygons
	      Notes on component alpha
	      Make MMX fast paths static and remove them from the header file
	      Make SSE2 fast paths static and remove them from the header file
	      Fix build on ppc. Pointed out by Chris Ball
	      Fix alpha map computation in pixman_compute_composite_region()
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Add new store_scanline_{32,64} in bits_image_t
	      Move fbStoreExternalAlpha{,64} into pixman-bits-image.c
	      Beginning of pluggable implementations
	      Add beginning of general implementation
	      Move entire C implementation into pixman-general.c
	      Beginning of MMX implementation
	      Add component alpha combiners in pixman-implementation.c
	      Change prototypes for compositing functions to use 32 bit integers
	      Initial fast path implementation
	      Copy fast path lookup code into pixman-utils.c
	      Beginning of sse2 implementation
	      Remove fast path lookup code from pixman-general
	      Add _pixman_choose_implementation
	      Change pixman_lookup_fast_path() to actually run the fast path
	      Move sse2 fast path running to the sse2 implementation
	      Move mmx fast path code to pixman-mmx.c
	      Move SSE2 variable initializations to pixman_implementations_create_sse2
	      Use the implementation's combiner's
	      Make pixman_implementation call the right combiner
	      Set up SSE2 combiners
	      Move gcc alignment workaround to pixman-sse2.c
	      Move sse2 and mmx blt implementations to their respective files
	      Add a general_blt() that just returns FALSE
	      Add alignment workaround to sse2
	      Split fill implementations out in the implementations
	      Make the fast_path implementation run the c_fast_paths
	      Delete pixman-sse2.h and pixman-mmx.h
	      Make a couple of functions static
	      Move the argument struct into pixman_image_composite_rect
	      Consolidate the general implementation into one function
	      Set up combiner functions for an implementation directly in combine.inc.
	      Call the toplevel implementation for combining
	      In _pixman_implementation_fill() don't call the delegate; call the actual
	      Add back pixman_composeFunctions since vmx is not ported to implementatio
	      Really fix PPC build.
	      In the mmx implementation, check for source == 0 rather than alpha == 0.
	      In pixman-sse2.c test for non-zero source, not just non-zero source alpha
	      Create a vmx pixman_implementation_t
	      Pre-release version bump.
	      Post-release version bump
	      Make sure the whole delegate chain has the correct toplevel
	      Get rid of toplevel argument to implementation constructors.
	      Add _pixman_image_fetch_pixels()
	      Add fetch_extended() function
	      Add fetch_bilinear_pixels() function
	      Add fetch_convolution_pixels() function
	      Make fbFetchTransformed() used the new filtered many-pixel fetchers
	      Fix a couple of bugs in the bilinear fetcher
	      Process the correct number of coordinates for the NEAREST filter
	      Fix typo in fetch_bilinear_pixels()
	      Only do region lookups when the source region is different from the full 
	      Handle alpha maps in _pixman_image_fetch_pixels()
	      Remove unused code from pixman-transformed.c
	      Get rid of pixman-transformed-accessors
	      Fix coordinate computation for perspective transformations
	      Move remaining pixman-transformed.c code into pixman-bits-image.c
	      Add store_scanline_raw_{32,64} virtual functions to bits image
	      Add fetch_scanline_raw{32,64}
	      Get rid of the StoreExternalAlpha() functions
	      Rename _pixman_image_fetch_pixels() to bits_image_fetch_alpha_pixels
	      Move some code around - use image->fetch_pixel in FbFetchSolid
	      Add bits_image prefix to fetchers
	      Move 'adjust' code into the individual filters
	      Split filter switching into its own bits_image_fetch_filtered() function
	      Rename some of the fetchers
	      Move simple fetchers after transformed fetcher
	      Add a 64 bit pixel fetcher and use it for solid colors
	      Remove unused access macro
	      Change pixel wise fetcher to fetch many pixels at a time instead of just 
	      Move pixman_expand/contract to pixman-utils.c
	      Inline repeating instead of doing it as a separate pass
	      Consistently use 256 pixels as the size of the temp buffers
	      Only advance the Z coordinate for non-affine transformations
	      Correct link to bugzilla in README
	      Some cleanups in the configure.ac file
	      Add an --enable-timers configure option to enable the TIMER_BEGIN/END mac
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Make the untransformed path handle REPEAT_NONE and REPEAT_NORMAL
	      Handle repeat_none/normal for 64 bit fetchers
	      Make _pixman_walk_composite_region() a wrapper around an internal functio
	      Remove all the srcRepeat/srcTransform stuff from the general implementati
	      Remove srcRepeat and maskRepeat arguments from _pixman_walk_composite_reg
	      Pass the region to walk_region_internal()
	      Only call fast paths when the images cover the composite region
	      Fix pixman_image_is_opaque()
	      Simplify clipping rule
	      Move region computation closer to the region walking.
	      Work around X server bug.
	      Add API to set a function to be called when the image is destroyed.
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Eliminate trivial READ and WRITE macros in pixman-fast-path.c
	      Remove dstMask from pixman-fast-path.c
	      Remove unused pixmanFetchGradient() declaration
	      Delete FbComposeData type
	      Delete empty FASTCALL macro
	      Rename bits_image.fetch_pixels_{32,64} to fetch_pixels_raw_{32,64}
	      Delete unused CombineFunc{32,64} types
	      Remove useless FbBits typedef
	      Remove commented-out fbAddTriangles
	      Delete unused IS_SOURCE_IMAGE() macro
	      Rename GradientWalker to pixman_gradient_walker_t
	      Rename PixmanTimer to pixman_timer_t
	      Get rid of pixman_region_internal_set_static_pointers()
	      Rename pixman-pict.c to pixman.c
	      Only use force_align_arg_pointer on gcc/x86-32
	      Rename combine.inc and combine.h.inc to pixman-combine.{c,h}.template.
	      Eliminate MSBFirst, LSBFirst, IMAGE_BYTE_ORDER, and BITMAP_BIT_ORDER.
	      Rename FastPathInfo to pixman_fast_path_t
	      Move compiler dependencies to a new pixman-compiler.h file
	      Move edge utilities into pixman-trap.c
	      Use DIV instead of _div In pixman-trap.c.
	      Move FbGen macro into pixman-combine.c
	      Implement pixman_format_supported_destination() in terms of pixman_format
	      Eliminate FbStipMask macro.
	      Implement fbComposeGetSolid() as a call to pixman_image_get_scanline()
	      Eliminate bit fiddling macros from pixman-private.h.
	      Delete unused mod macro
	      Move pixman_image_fill_rectangles() to pixman.c
	      Delete unused WRITE_ACCESS() macro
	      Turn fbComposeGetSolid() macro into a pixman_image_get_solid() function.
	      Rename pixman_image_can_get_solid() to pixman_image_is_solid
	      Replace switch functions in pixman-access.c with a table of accessors.
	      Implement fbStore_a2g2b2r2
	      Delete FB_MASK and FB_ALLONES macros
	      Move edge stepper macros into pixman-edge.c
	      Delete obsolete comment
	      Move some macros into pixman-access.c
	      Move macros around in pixman-private.h
	      Get rid of indexed argument to store functions
	      Eliminate pointless Red/Green/Blue macros
	      Move pixman_compute_composite_region() into pixman-utils.c
	      Move pixman_version() to pixman.c
	      Move code around
	      Move region helpers into pixman-utils.c
	      Delete struct point
	      Some formatting changes
	      Various minor changes
	      Remove unused ACCESS macros in pixman-bits-image.c
	      Eliminate Fetch/Store24 macros.
	      Use fbOver() instead of fbOver24.
	      Delete FbInU macro.
	      Turn the FbAdd() macro into an FbIntAdd() which doesn't take a channel.
	      Fix typo in CLIP macro.
	      Make pixman-mmx.c compile again.
	      Delete FbInOverC macro
	      Move FbGet8() macro into pixman-bits-image.c
	      Move accessor macros to their own header.
	      Delete unused _pixman_image_get_fetcher() function
	      Remove unused typedefs.
	      Write alpha map fetching with FbByteMul() instead of div_255()
	      Add some comments about the linearity of the non-separable blend modes
	      Fix various problems in FbCombineMultiplyC
	      Fix some more problems in MultiplyC
	      Remove optimizations that I'm not convinced are correct
	      Fix ColorDodge and ColorBurn to conform to the spec
	      Make the composite test window bigger by default.
	      Add screen-test.c test program
	      Remove FLASH_SUBTRACT blend mode.
	      Remove support for component alpha with HSL blend modes.
	      Delete leftover use of PIXMAN_OP_FLASH_SUBTRACT
	      Add convolution-test.c program
	      Subtract x_off/y_off before conversion to integer.
	      Fix comment in pixman-utils to have the right sense.
	      Add test case for out-of-bounds memory access.
	      Fix typo in oob-test.c
	      Fix offset bug in pixman_run_fast_path().
	      Add a table to oob-test so that it can test more than one setup.
	      Delete FbIntMult and FbIntDiv macros, and move FbIntAdd to pixman-combine
	      Fix bug where 64 bit pixel were fetched as 32 bit ones.
	      Get rid of casts to scanFetchProc in pixman-bits-image.c
	      Get rid of scanFetchProc casts in pixman-conical-gradient.c
	      Get rid of scanFetchProc casts in pixman-radial-gradient.c
	      Get rid of remaining scanFetchProc casts
	      Consolidate the three scanline store types into one.
	      Get rid of the 64 bit fetcher types.
	      Rename fetchProc32 to fetch_scanline_t and fetch_pixels_32_t to fetch_pix
	      Add a mask and mask_bits argument to the raw scanline fetchers.
	      Constify the mask argument to scanline fetchers.
	      Delete scanFetchProc type. Use fetch_scanline_t instead.
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Add test cases to oob-test using PIXMAN_{a,x}2b10g10r10
	      Delete ARM header files
	      Make arm compositing functions static
	      Change checks for srca == 0 to src == 0
	      Change comma to semicolon in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Rename OptimizedOperatorInfo to optimized_operator_info_t
	      Inlucde pixman-private.h in pixman-region.c
	      Return TRUE for the two new formats in pixman_format_supported_source().
	      Fix forgotten use BITMAP_BIT_ORDER to be ifndef WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN
	      Expand comment in miClipPictureSrc() to explain why a client clip is requ
	      Add an initialization with an empty rectangle to region-test.c
	      Eliminate empty rectangles in pixman_region_init_rects().
	      Use postfix decrement, not prefix, in region-test.c
	      Rename fetchers.
	      Fix up names of compositing functions
	      Change the name of some routines that were simply misnamed.
	      Get rid of pFoo names.
	      Various simple renamings
	      Fix the names of some common parameters
	      Fix some more pFoo names
	      Fix up the names in pixman_compute_composite_region()
	      Rename QuadwordCopy_neon to neon_quadword_copy
	      Fix names in the trap rasterizer.
	      Change name of macros that operate on normalized integers.
	      Clarify a couple of comments
	      Change names of the FbByte* macros to be more descriptive.
	      Change some macro names to be all uppercase
	      Consolidate channel macros in pixman-combine.h
	      Uppercase some more macro names
	      Fix overeager search and replace
	      Rename fbCombine* to combine*
	      Change name fbComposeGetStart to PIXMAN_IMAGE_GET_LINE.
	      Rename U{no}mask => U_{no_}mask in pixman-vmx.c
	      Rename some macros in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Rename macros for non-separable blend modes
	      Uppercase a few more macros in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Use ALPHA_8 in pixman-image.c instead of Alpha
	      Rename RBmask/Gmask => rb_mask/g_mask in pixman-arm-neon.c
	      Rename FbGet8 to GET8
	      CPUFeatures => cpu_features
	      NoFeatures => NO_FEATURES
	      Remove reference to 8888RevNP
	      Remove reference to 8888_RevNP
	      Convert CamelCase names to underscore_names.
	      Various sse2 renamings
	      Rename combine_*_c to combine_*_ca
	      Rename num_rects back to numRects.
	      Fix up some overeager search-and-replace renamings
	      Add a box with y2 < y1 in region-test.c
	      Eliminate boxes with x1 > x2 or y1 > y2 in pixman_region_init_rects().
	      Fix a couple of problems with the tests when HAVE_GTK is not defined.
	      Fix bug in pixman-region.c where empty regions would not be properly init
	      Update the CRC value in scaling-test.c.
	      Add a BUILT_SOURCES with pixman-combine{32,64}.{c.h}
	      Add workarounds for X servers doing out-of-bounds accesses.
	      Only apply the workaround to source images when out_of_bounds_workaround 
	      Move workaround logic to pixman-bits-image.c.
	      Only destroy the regions when pixman_compute_composite_region() returns T
	      Fix typo in bits_image_fetch_solid_64().
	      Make sure we get all 64 bits in bits_image_fetch_solid_64()
	      Fix bits_image_fetch_{un}transformed() for 64 bit buffers.
	      Return immediately if the operator is CONJOINT_DST or DISJOINT_DST
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-access.c.
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-arm-neon.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-arm-simd.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-bits-image.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-conical-gradient.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-cpu.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-edge.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-fastpath.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-general.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-gradient-walker.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-image.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-implementation.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-linear-gradient.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-matrix.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-mmx.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-radial-gradient.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-region.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-solid-fill.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-sse2.c
	      Reformat pixman-timer.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-trap.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-utils.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-vmx.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-combine.c.template
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-combine.h.template
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-private.h
	      Reformat pixman.h
	      Reindent and rename identifiers in scaling-test.c
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Add -fno-strict-aliasing
	      Change name of macro from RGB16_TO_ENTRY to RGB15_TO_ENTRY
	      Various minor formatting changes
	      Change composite test to use a rainbow gradient as source.
	      Fix combine_src_ca() to fill out all of the destination line.
	      Add back check for need_workaround that got removed during reindenting
	      Move read and write functions to the bits_image_t struct.
	      Align the stack in _pixman_implementation_create_sse2()
	      Replace // comments with /* */ comments in various places
	      Some formatting changes to pixman-arm-neon.c
	      Fix typo in sse2_combine_over_pixbuf_0565()
	      Add test case for bug 22844.
	      Rework the workaround for bogus X server images.
	      Only apply the workaround if the clip region extends beyond the drawable.
	      Fix search-and-replace issue pointed out by Koen Kooi.
	      Fix another search and replace issue
	      Don't assert when malformed regions are detected.
	      Pre-release version bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Replace a bunch of 'pict's with 'image'
	      Rename source_pict_class_t to source_image_class_t
	      Remove a couple of unused variables
	      Add a CODING_STYLE document based on the one from cairo.
	      Various updates to the CODING_STYLE document
	      Only define PIXMAN_TIMERS if timers are actually enabled [bug 23169]
	      Change bits_image_fetch_transformed() to work one pixel at a time.
	      Make bits_image_fetch_nearest() return one pixel.
	      Make the repeat routine work on only one coordinate at a time.
	      Change bits_image_fetch_bilinear_pixels() to fetch one pixel at a time.
	      Change bits_image_fetch_pixels_convolution() to fetch just one pixel.
	      Change bits_image_fetch_alpha_pixels() to fetch just one pixel.
	      Various renamings and clean-ups
	      Add fetch_pixel_raw_32 and fetch_pixel_32 virtual functions.
	      Change all the fetch_pixels() functions to only fetch one pixel.
	      Misc formatting
	      Remove unused function
	      Remove leftover 0xffffffff in repeat()
	      Move bounds checks for REPEAT_NONE to get_pixel()
	      Add a fast path for the add_n_8888_8888() operation.
	      Add sse2 version of add_n_8888_8888()
	      Add a dirty bit to the image struct, and validate before using the image.
	      Fix bugs in combine_over_reverse_ca().
	      Don't change the constant source in fast_composite_over_n_8888_0565.
	      Fix incorrect optimization in combine_over_ca().
	      Fix another case of changing the solid source.
	      Fix bug in combine_mask_alpha_ca()
	      Don't run fast paths if the format requires wide compositing.
	      Fix a bunch of srca == 0 checks that should be src == 0 in pixman-mmx.c
	      Rewrite the two-component arithmetic macros.
	      Make pix_add_mul() in pixman-mmx.c produce exact results.
	      Fix a couple more alpha==0 vs src==0 bugs in pixman-mmx.c
	      Rename mmx_composite_add_8888_8_8() to mmx_composite_add_n_8_8().
	      Fix a couple of alpha==0 vs src==0 issues in pixman-sse2.c
	      Change the SSE2 versions of pix_add_multiply() to produce bit-exact resul
	      Make pix_multiply bit-exact
	      Fix bug in vmx_combine_xor_ca()
	      Do the full four-component IN computation in vmx_combine_in_ca().
	      Fix vmx_combine_out_ca()
	      In vmx_combine_out_ca() multiply with the alpha of the negated vdest.
	      Fix vmx_combine_over_ca().
	      Fix vmx_combine_vmx_atop_ca()
	      Multiply with the alpha of dest, not inverse alpha
	      Fix vmx_over_reverse_ca()
	      Fix vmx_combine_out_reverse_ca()
	      Really fix vmx_combine_over_reverse_ca()
	      In vmx_combine_atop_reverse_ca() extract alpha after inversing
	      Misc formatting fixes for pixman-vmx.c
	      Delete commented out code in pixman-vmx.c
	      Reenable commented-out tests in blitter-test.
	      Add the ability to print intermediate CRC values
	      Various formatting fixes
	      Update CRC value in blitters-test.
	      Fix x/y mixup in bits_image_fetch_pixel_convolution()
	      Pre-release version-bump
	      Post-release version bump
	      Check if we have posix_memalign() in configure.ac. [23260, 23261]
	      Pre-release version bump
	Thomas Jaeger (1):
	      Implement PIXMAN_REPEAT_REFLECT for images
	William Bonnet (1):
	      Fix build on Sun Studio.

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