[cairo-announce] cairomm release 1.8.0 now available

Jonathon Jongsma jonathon at quotidian.org
Mon Jan 26 20:14:56 PST 2009

cairomm is a C++ API for the cairo graphics library.  For more
information, see http://cairographics.org/cairomm

A new cairomm release 1.8.0 is now available from:


     which can be verified with:

	f70cde664af825dc07467dc18e280bab646eb0ee  cairomm-1.8.0.tar.gz

	(signed by Jonathon Jongsma)

This is the new stable release of cairomm that wraps the cairo 1.8.x release 

Changes since the last stable release:


* No notable changes since 1.7.2

1.7.2 (UNSTABLE):

* API Changes (all API changes are in unstable API introduced in 1.7.x)
   * UserFontFace is not implemented with virtual functions rather than by
     registering callbacks
   * Cairo::scaled_matrix() -> Cairo::scaling_matrix() to match other matrix
     convenience functions
* Bugfixes
   * Incorrect refcounting on ScaledFont
   * build fixes for Mac OSX
* Contributors for this release:
      1	Armin Burgmeier
      1	Dave Evans
     22	Jonathon Jongsma

1.7.0 (UNSTABLE):

  * API Changes
    * ScaledFont: Change fontface constructor parameter to be a RefPtr
      * This is an API break, but the old interface was essentially unusably
    * Cairo::Matrix now inherits from cairo_matrix_t
      * Previously, we had used Cairo::Matrix throughout our API, but
        Cairo::Matrix was just a typedef for cairo_matrix_t
      * This could be considered an API change, but the new Cairo::Matrix still
        is-a cairo_matrix_t even if it's not exactly a cairo_matrix_t.  This
        change does not break ABI either, as there are no data members or virtual
        functions.  So I believe this is a safe change, but feedback is appreciated.
      * Provides a much more C++-friendly API for handling matrices
      * Also added a set of standalone 'generator' functions for generating
        starting matrices:
        * Cairo::identity_matrix(), rotation_matrix(), translation_matrix(),
          scaled_matrix().  This allows for convenient use such as:
          rather than something like what was required before:
            Cairo::Matrix identity_matrix;
    * Pattern: get/set_matrix() functions were using a cairo_matrix_t parameter in
      the API.  This is the only place where we used this type and so it was
      inconsistent with every other matrix-related API in cairomm.  Previously
      this wasn't really an issue since cairo_matrix_t and Cairo::Matrix were
      typedefed to the same type.  However, with the the change to Cairo::Matrix
      mentioned above, this because a much bigger issue.
      * This is an ABI-compatible change, but it is a minor API change that could
        result in some warnings or compile problems in some situations`
  * New API (some of these are new in cairo 1.8, some are older API that were
    not wrapped in cairomm previously)
    * Add Context::get/set_scaled_font()
    * add Context::show_text_glyphs()
    * add Context::get_font_options()
    * Add Surface::has_show_text_glyphs()
    * Add Surface::get_content() + test
    * Added Surface::get_fallback_resolution()
    * Add ScaledFont::text_to_glyphs()
    * Add PsSurface::get_eps()
    * Add missing Win32Surface API: create_with_ddb(), create_with_dib(), and 
    * Add Win32PrintingSurface
    * Vastly improved font support
      * ToyFontFace
      * UserFontFace
      * Add Freetype font support (FtFontFace, etc)
      * Add win32 font support (Win32FontFace, etc)
      * Add quartz font support (QuartzFontFace, etc)
      * Add ScaledFont::get_scale_matrix()
  * Fix API inconsistencies by adding overloads and deprecating old versions
    * Deprecated FontFace::extents() in favor of FontFace::get_extents()
    * Deprecated FontFace::text_extents() in favor of FontFace::get_text_extents()
    * Deprecated FontFace::glyph_extents() in favor of FontFace::get_glyph_extents()
    * Add sigc::slot versions of all of the functions that take a
      cairo_write_func_t or cairo_read_func_t
      * This adds a new dependency on libsigc++, but offers a much more flexible
        and C++-like solution
      * Old API using cairo_write_func_t / cairo_read_func_t still exist, but are
        deprecated in favor of the new API
    * Add a default value for the font_options parameter of the ScaledFont 
  * Added new macros for determining library version:
  * Add a bunch of extra .pc files for additional functionality
    * like cairo, create convenience .pc files for using some of the optional
      features.  For example, cairomm-ft-1.0, cairomm-pdf-1.0, cairomm-xlib-1.0, 
  * Numerous windows build improvements
  * Added a *lot* of automated tests

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