[cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.15.16 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Mon Jul 13 19:21:22 PDT 2009

A new pixman release 0.15.16 is now available. This is a development
release leading up to a stable 0.16.0 release.

News in this release:

    - New ARGB formats with 10 bits per channel [Ben Skeggs]

    - ARM updates [Adrian Bunk, Guillaume Letellier, Jonathan
           Morton, Siarhei Siamashka]

    - The final bits of refactoring [Søren Sandmann Pedersen]

    - Misc. bug fixes [Michel Dänzer, Benjamin Otte, Søren Sandmann Pedsen]

Also new in this release is a workaround for bugs in the 1.6 series of
X server releases. If you use such an X server, testing of this
release is extra appreciated.

Please report bugs at


or send mail to cairo at cairographics.org.




	MD5:  831b846d23e7b90abd56b4f614101542  pixman-0.15.16.tar.gz
	MD5:  248935b715d5f7848871a27db9be21ae  pixman-0.15.16.tar.bz2
	SHA1: 217bffcd7461dd54bb47a4083cbc0e5309da60d0  pixman-0.15.16.tar.gz
	SHA1: 321cadd015f07a118e54a50c560377756bd6c901  pixman-0.15.16.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
	(signed by Søren Sandmann Pedersen <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>)

	tag: pixman-0.15.16

	Adrian Bunk (1):
	      Fix the NEON build after "Convert CamelCase names to underscore_names."
	Ben Skeggs (1):
	      Add accessor functions for PIXMAN_x2r10g10b10 and PIXMAN_a2r10g10b10
	Benjamin Otte (1):
	      Fix burn and dodge operators to match acroread output
	Guillaume Letellier (1):
	      Fix ARM build.
	Jonathan Morton (1):
	      Avoid overrunning scanlines in NEON blitters.
	Michel Dänzer (1):
	      Convert some leftover instances of Alpha() in pixman-vmx.c.
	Siarhei Siamashka (4):
	      Use -mcpu instead of -march for ARM SIMD runtime autodetection
	      Really fix ARM build.
	      Fix scaling-test to work on big endian systems
	      Return nonzero code from scaling-test program in case of failure.
	Søren Sandmann Pedersen (95):
	      Post-release version bump
	      Add test cases to oob-test using PIXMAN_{a,x}2b10g10r10
	      Delete ARM header files
	      Make arm compositing functions static
	      Change checks for srca == 0 to src == 0
	      Change comma to semicolon in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Rename OptimizedOperatorInfo to optimized_operator_info_t
	      Inlucde pixman-private.h in pixman-region.c
	      Return TRUE for the two new formats in pixman_format_supported_source().
	      Fix forgotten use BITMAP_BIT_ORDER to be ifndef WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN
	      Expand comment in miClipPictureSrc() to explain why a client clip is requ
	      Add an initialization with an empty rectangle to region-test.c
	      Eliminate empty rectangles in pixman_region_init_rects().
	      Use postfix decrement, not prefix, in region-test.c
	      Rename fetchers.
	      Fix up names of compositing functions
	      Change the name of some routines that were simply misnamed.
	      Get rid of pFoo names.
	      Various simple renamings
	      Fix the names of some common parameters
	      Fix some more pFoo names
	      Fix up the names in pixman_compute_composite_region()
	      Rename QuadwordCopy_neon to neon_quadword_copy
	      Fix names in the trap rasterizer.
	      Change name of macros that operate on normalized integers.
	      Clarify a couple of comments
	      Change names of the FbByte* macros to be more descriptive.
	      Change some macro names to be all uppercase
	      Consolidate channel macros in pixman-combine.h
	      Uppercase some more macro names
	      Fix overeager search and replace
	      Rename fbCombine* to combine*
	      Change name fbComposeGetStart to PIXMAN_IMAGE_GET_LINE.
	      Rename U{no}mask => U_{no_}mask in pixman-vmx.c
	      Rename some macros in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Rename macros for non-separable blend modes
	      Uppercase a few more macros in pixman-combine.c.template
	      Use ALPHA_8 in pixman-image.c instead of Alpha
	      Rename RBmask/Gmask => rb_mask/g_mask in pixman-arm-neon.c
	      Rename FbGet8 to GET8
	      CPUFeatures => cpu_features
	      NoFeatures => NO_FEATURES
	      Remove reference to 8888RevNP
	      Remove reference to 8888_RevNP
	      Convert CamelCase names to underscore_names.
	      Various sse2 renamings
	      Rename combine_*_c to combine_*_ca
	      Rename num_rects back to numRects.
	      Fix up some overeager search-and-replace renamings
	      Add a box with y2 < y1 in region-test.c
	      Eliminate boxes with x1 > x2 or y1 > y2 in pixman_region_init_rects().
	      Fix a couple of problems with the tests when HAVE_GTK is not defined.
	      Fix bug in pixman-region.c where empty regions would not be properly init
	      Update the CRC value in scaling-test.c.
	      Add a BUILT_SOURCES with pixman-combine{32,64}.{c.h}
	      Add workarounds for X servers doing out-of-bounds accesses.
	      Only apply the workaround to source images when out_of_bounds_workaround 
	      Move workaround logic to pixman-bits-image.c.
	      Only destroy the regions when pixman_compute_composite_region() returns T
	      Fix typo in bits_image_fetch_solid_64().
	      Make sure we get all 64 bits in bits_image_fetch_solid_64()
	      Fix bits_image_fetch_{un}transformed() for 64 bit buffers.
	      Return immediately if the operator is CONJOINT_DST or DISJOINT_DST
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-access.c.
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-arm-neon.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-arm-simd.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-bits-image.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-conical-gradient.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-cpu.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-edge.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-fastpath.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-general.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-gradient-walker.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-image.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-implementation.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-linear-gradient.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-matrix.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-mmx.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-radial-gradient.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-region.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-solid-fill.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-sse2.c
	      Reformat pixman-timer.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-trap.c
	      Reformat and reindent pixman-utils.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-vmx.c
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-combine.c.template
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-combine.h.template
	      Reindent and reformat pixman-private.h
	      Reformat pixman.h
	      Reindent and rename identifiers in scaling-test.c
	      Pre-release version bump

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