[cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.15.10 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue Jun 9 09:29:31 PDT 2009

A new pixman release 0.15.10 is now available. This is a development
release leading up to a stable 0.16.0 release.  

        - New ARM NEON fast paths [Jonathan Morton]

        - More refactoring [Søren Sandmann Pedersen]




        MD5:  8813e13aa3817df03039bd66a4863670  pixman-0.15.10.tar.gz
        MD5:  15843378b7bb53b9c778c5530583bf54  pixman-0.15.10.tar.bz2
        SHA1: 9c974abbf822d83a2d7ab46b124fbf0f38cad367  pixman-0.15.10.tar.gz
        SHA1: c28039d2112cfc20f05532149716df91ea30ac49  pixman-0.15.10.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
        (signed by Søren Sandmann Pedersen <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>)

        tag: pixman-0.15.10

        Jonathan Morton (8):
              Add more NEON fast paths
              Enable NEON fills.
              Enable NEON copies.
              Enable NEON straight blits.
              Replace fbCompositeSrc_x888x0565neon with fbCompositeSrc_24x16neon.
              Delete now-unused fbCompositeSrc_x888x0565neon().
              [NEON] Fix filler bug.
              [NEON] Really fix filler bug.
        Søren Sandmann Pedersen (38):
              Post-release version bump
              Make sure the whole delegate chain has the correct toplevel
              Get rid of toplevel argument to implementation constructors.
              Add _pixman_image_fetch_pixels()
              Add fetch_extended() function
              Add fetch_bilinear_pixels() function
              Add fetch_convolution_pixels() function
              Make fbFetchTransformed() used the new filtered many-pixel fetchers
              Fix a couple of bugs in the bilinear fetcher
              Process the correct number of coordinates for the NEAREST filter
              Fix typo in fetch_bilinear_pixels()
              Only do region lookups when the source region is different from the full 
              Handle alpha maps in _pixman_image_fetch_pixels()
              Remove unused code from pixman-transformed.c
              Get rid of pixman-transformed-accessors
              Fix coordinate computation for perspective transformations
              Move remaining pixman-transformed.c code into pixman-bits-image.c
              Add store_scanline_raw_{32,64} virtual functions to bits image
              Add fetch_scanline_raw{32,64}
              Get rid of the StoreExternalAlpha() functions
              Rename _pixman_image_fetch_pixels() to bits_image_fetch_alpha_pixels
              Move some code around - use image->fetch_pixel in FbFetchSolid
              Add bits_image prefix to fetchers
              Move 'adjust' code into the individual filters
              Split filter switching into its own
              bits_image_fetch_filtered() function
              Rename some of the fetchers
              Move simple fetchers after transformed fetcher
              Add a 64 bit pixel fetcher and use it for solid colors
              Remove unused access macro
              Change pixel wise fetcher to fetch many pixels at a time instead of just 
              Move pixman_expand/contract to pixman-utils.c
              Inline repeating instead of doing it as a separate pass
              Consistently use 256 pixels as the size of the temp buffers
              Only advance the Z coordinate for non-affine transformations
              Correct link to bugzilla in README
              Some cleanups in the configure.ac file
              Add an --enable-timers configure option to enable the TIMER_BEGIN/END mac
              Pre-release version bump

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