[cairo-announce] cairomm release 1.9.8 now available

Jonathon Jongsma jonathon at quotidian.org
Fri Dec 31 08:38:09 PST 2010

cairomm is a C++ API for the cairo graphics library.  For more 
information, see http://cairographics.org/cairomm

A new cairomm release 1.9.8 is now available from:


    which can be verified with:

	ce27835ac69f5b4bd88653655dabf09c868accf9  cairomm-1.9.8.tar.gz

	(signed by Jonathon Jongsma)


1.9.8 (unstable):

* Surface:
  - added create() for creating a sub-surface representing a rectangle on a
    target surface
  - PDF versioning API: get_versions(), restrict_to_version(),
  - add get_device()
  - add new surface type enum values
* Device
  - add acquire() and release() functions
  - Add Device::Lock convenience class
* Region
  - UNSTABLE API CHANGE: Fix do_union(), subtract(), intersect() to throw
    exceptions instead of returning error statuses to be consistent with the
    rest of the cairomm API
  - add xor() functions
  - add API for creating a region from a list of rectangles
  - implement copy()
* Documentation:
  - Context::arc(): Fix bug #31345 (Christopher Head) about bad math in arc()
    documentation. (Murray Cumming)
  - Add documentation for Device class
  - Add documentation for Region class

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