[cairo-announce] [ANNOUNCE] pixman release 0.21.2 now available

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Tue Nov 16 14:13:26 PST 2010

A new pixman release 0.21.2 is now available. This is the first
development snapshot leading up to a stable 0.22 release.

  ARM: Performance improvements for image scaling [Siarhei Siamashka]
  Performance improvements for affine transformations [Soren Sandmann]

Plus bug fixes and other improvements [Andrea Canciani, Siarhei, Soren].        

NOTE: In this release a workaround for a bug in older version of the X
server has been removed. If your X server is version 1.6 or older, you
may see image corruption bugs with this version of pixman. 




	MD5:  9e09fd6e58cbf9717140891e0b7d4a7a  pixman-0.21.2.tar.gz
	MD5:  4bc4cf052635265f7a98ad3e890ae329  pixman-0.21.2.tar.bz2
	SHA1: c0ff07d7e4877dd4d0d369ca09e50ca956e3386e  pixman-0.21.2.tar.gz
	SHA1: bb5cba514fe6756f9264a6995ec9dfed4d7439b5  pixman-0.21.2.tar.bz2

GPG signature:
	(signed by Søren Sandmann Pedersen <sandmann at daimi.au.dk>

	tag: pixman-0.21.2

	Andrea Canciani (3):
	      Remove unused stop_range field
	      Fix opacity check
	      Improve conical gradients opacity check
	Siarhei Siamashka (12):
	      Fixed broken configure check for __thread support
	      Do CPU features detection from 'constructor' function when compiled with 
	      ARM: fix 'vld1.8'->'vld1.32' typo in add_8888_8888 NEON fast path
	      ARM: NEON: source image pixel fetcher can be overrided now
	      ARM: nearest scaling support for NEON scanline compositing functions
	      ARM: macro template in C code to simplify using scaled fast paths
	      ARM: performance tuning of NEON nearest scaled pixel fetcher
	      ARM: NEON optimization for scaled over_8888_8888 with nearest filter
	      ARM: NEON optimization for scaled over_8888_0565 with nearest filter
	      ARM: NEON optimization for scaled src_8888_0565 with nearest filter
	      ARM: NEON optimization for scaled src_0565_8888 with nearest filter
	      ARM: optimization for scaled src_0565_0565 with nearest filter
	Søren Sandmann Pedersen (8):
	      Post-release version bump to 0.20.1
	      Version bump 0.21.1.
	      COPYING: Stop saying that a modification is currently under discussion.
	      Remove workaround for a bug in the 1.6 X server.
	      [mmx] Mark some of the output variables as early-clobber.
	      Delete the source_image_t struct.
	      Generate {a,x}8r8g8b8, a8, 565 fetchers for nearest/affine images
	      Pre-release version bump

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