[cairo-bugs] [Bug 4505] segmentation fault when running gtk (with cairo) application on Solaris 2.8

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Mon Dec 5 14:12:44 PST 2005

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------- Additional Comments From victor.hoover at navy.mil  2005-12-06 09:08 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm having the same problem under Solaris 8.  However, I've got two graphic
> cards and two displays on a Sun Ultra-60.  Display :0 is a Creator 3D card
> and display :1 is an Elite-3d.  The problem only occurs on the Creator-3D card
> (the code isn't called when displaying on the Elite-3D).  X is running with
> 24 bit planes.  I've been working with cairo-1.0.0 but cairo-1.0.2 has the
> same problem.
> Some checking into the code shows that whenever fetchProcForPicture() is called,
> the value of pict->format_code is 0x08010000 (which is not listed in the switch()
> statement).  As a result, 0 gets returned.
> gtk+-2.8.6
> cairo-1.0.0
> pango-1.10.1
> render-0.8
> xrender-0.8.3
> gcc-4.0.1
> Vic Hoover
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

I just double checked my setup.  The Elite3D card was configured as 24 planes
but the Creator3D (which was having the problem) was indeed configured as 8
planes.  I'll get that changed and retest.

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