[cairo-bugs] [Bug 4995] Segfault on Win32

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Fri Nov 11 03:47:51 PST 2005

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------- Additional Comments From Christoph.Bauer at lms-gmbh.de  2005-11-11 03:47 -------
configure --help should mention, that --enable-shared is supported (but not default)

Yes, the dynamic build looks better:

a8-mask is expected to fail:
        image backend fails because libpixman only handles (stride %
sizeof(pixman_bits) == 0)
a8-mask-image-argb32:   XFAIL
a8-mask-image-rgb24:    XFAIL
XFAIL: a8-mask

caps-joins-image-argb32:        PASS
caps-joins-image-rgb24: PASS
PASS: caps-joins

caps-sub-paths-image-argb32:    PASS
caps-sub-paths-image-rgb24:     PASS
PASS: caps-sub-paths

clip-all-image-argb32:  PASS
clip-all-image-rgb24:   PASS
PASS: clip-all

clip-fill-rule-image-argb32:    PASS
clip-fill-rule-image-rgb24:     PASS
PASS: clip-fill-rule

clip-fill-rule-pixel-aligned-image-argb32:      PASS
clip-fill-rule-pixel-aligned-image-rgb24:       PASS
PASS: clip-fill-rule-pixel-aligned

clip-nesting-image-argb32:      PASS
clip-nesting-image-rgb24:       PASS
PASS: clip-nesting

Then it hangs.          
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