[cairo-bugs] [Bug 2949] x86_64 cairo tests FAIL: on 9 of 15 tests, now 9 of 63

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Tue Nov 22 10:11:42 PST 2005

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paul.nelson at jmp.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|x86_64 cairo tests FAIL: on |x86_64 cairo tests FAIL: on
                   |9 of 15 tests               |9 of 15 tests, now 9 of 63
            Version|0.9.3                       |1.0.2

------- Additional Comments From paul.nelson at jmp.com  2005-11-23 05:08 -------
In 1.0.2 All of the tests that fail are ones that deal with text, it is only the
 anti-aliasing around the edges of the text in each of the respective tests that
shows up as differences.


make[2]: Entering directory `/home/panels/toolbox/lgpl/cairo-1.0.2/test'

a8-mask is expected to fail:
        image backend fails because libpixman only handles (stride %
sizeof(pixman_bits) == 0)
a8-mask-image:  XFAIL
a8-mask-xlib:   PASS
XFAIL: a8-mask

caps-joins-image:       PASS
caps-joins-xlib:        PASS
PASS: caps-joins

caps-sub-paths-image:   PASS
caps-sub-paths-xlib:    PASS
PASS: caps-sub-paths

clip-all-image: PASS
clip-all-xlib:  PASS
PASS: clip-all

clip-nesting-image:     PASS
clip-nesting-xlib:      PASS
PASS: clip-nesting

clip-operator-image:    FAIL
clip-operator-xlib:     FAIL
FAIL: clip-operator

clip-twice-image:       PASS
clip-twice-xlib:        PASS
PASS: clip-twice

composite-integer-translate-source-image:       PASS
composite-integer-translate-source-xlib:        PASS
PASS: composite-integer-translate-source

composite-integer-translate-over-image: PASS
composite-integer-translate-over-xlib:  PASS
PASS: composite-integer-translate-over

composite-integer-translate-over-repeat-image:  PASS
composite-integer-translate-over-repeat-xlib:   PASS
PASS: composite-integer-translate-over-repeat

create-from-png-image:  PASS
create-from-png-xlib:   PASS
PASS: create-from-png

create-from-png-stream-image:   PASS
create-from-png-stream-xlib:    PASS
PASS: create-from-png-stream

dash-caps-joins-image:  PASS
dash-caps-joins-xlib:   PASS
PASS: dash-caps-joins

dash-offset-negative-image:     PASS
dash-offset-negative-xlib:      PASS
PASS: dash-offset-negative

fill-and-stroke-image:  PASS
fill-and-stroke-xlib:   PASS
PASS: fill-and-stroke

fill-rule-image:        PASS
fill-rule-xlib: PASS
PASS: fill-rule

filter-nearest-offset is expected to fail:
        wrong sampling location for nearest-neighbor filter in libpixman and Render
filter-nearest-offset-image:    XFAIL
filter-nearest-offset-xlib:     XFAIL
XFAIL: filter-nearest-offset

get-and-set-image:      PASS
get-and-set-xlib:       PASS
PASS: get-and-set

gradient-alpha-image:   PASS
gradient-alpha-xlib:    PASS
PASS: gradient-alpha

leaky-polygon-image:    PASS
leaky-polygon-xlib:     PASS
PASS: leaky-polygon

line-width-image:       PASS
line-width-xlib:        PASS
PASS: line-width

linear-gradient-image:  PASS
linear-gradient-xlib:   PASS
PASS: linear-gradient

mask-image:     PASS
mask-xlib:      PASS
PASS: mask

mask-ctm-image: PASS
mask-ctm-xlib:  PASS
PASS: mask-ctm

mask-surface-ctm-image: PASS
mask-surface-ctm-xlib:  PASS
PASS: mask-surface-ctm

move-to-show-surface-image:     PASS
move-to-show-surface-xlib:      PASS
PASS: move-to-show-surface

nil-surface-image:      PASS
nil-surface-xlib:       PASS
PASS: nil-surface

operator-clear-image:   FAIL
operator-clear-xlib:    FAIL
FAIL: operator-clear

operator-source-image:  FAIL
operator-source-xlib:   FAIL
FAIL: operator-source

paint-image:    PASS
paint-xlib:     PASS
PASS: paint

paint-with-alpha-image: PASS
paint-with-alpha-xlib:  PASS
PASS: paint-with-alpha

path-data-image:        PASS
path-data-xlib: PASS
PASS: path-data

pixman-rotate is expected to fail:
        known off-by-one bug when rotating a pixman image
pixman-rotate-image:    XFAIL
pixman-rotate-xlib:     XFAIL
XFAIL: pixman-rotate

rectangle-rounding-error-image: PASS
rectangle-rounding-error-xlib:  PASS
PASS: rectangle-rounding-error

scale-source-surface-paint-image:       PASS
scale-source-surface-paint-xlib:        PASS
PASS: scale-source-surface-paint

select-font-no-show-text-image: PASS
select-font-no-show-text-xlib:  PASS
PASS: select-font-no-show-text

self-copy-image:        PASS
self-copy-xlib: PASS
PASS: self-copy

self-intersecting is expected to fail:
        Self-intersecting strokes are wrong due to incremental trapezoidization.
self-intersecting-image:        XFAIL
self-intersecting-xlib: XFAIL
XFAIL: self-intersecting

set-source-image:       PASS
set-source-xlib:        PASS
PASS: set-source

show-text-current-point-image:  FAIL
show-text-current-point-xlib:   FAIL
FAIL: show-text-current-point

source-clip-image:      PASS
source-clip-xlib:       PASS
PASS: source-clip

source-surface-scale-paint-image:       PASS
source-surface-scale-paint-xlib:        PASS
PASS: source-surface-scale-paint

surface-finish-twice-image:     PASS
surface-finish-twice-xlib:      PASS
PASS: surface-finish-twice

surface-pattern-image:  PASS
surface-pattern-xlib:   PASS
PASS: surface-pattern

text-antialias-gray-image:      FAIL
text-antialias-gray-xlib:       FAIL
FAIL: text-antialias-gray

text-antialias-none-image:      FAIL
text-antialias-none-xlib:       FAIL
FAIL: text-antialias-none

text-antialias-subpixel-image:  FAIL
text-antialias-subpixel-xlib:   FAIL
FAIL: text-antialias-subpixel

text-cache-crash-image: PASS
text-cache-crash-xlib:  PASS
PASS: text-cache-crash

text-pattern-image:     FAIL
text-pattern-xlib:      FAIL
FAIL: text-pattern

text-rotate is expected to fail:
        minor bugs in positioning rotated glyphs
text-rotate-image:      XFAIL
text-rotate-xlib:       XFAIL
XFAIL: text-rotate

transforms-image:       PASS
transforms-xlib:        PASS
PASS: transforms

translate-show-surface-image:   PASS
translate-show-surface-xlib:    PASS
PASS: translate-show-surface

trap-clip-image:        PASS
trap-clip-xlib: PASS
PASS: trap-clip

unantialiased-shapes-image:     PASS
unantialiased-shapes-xlib:      PASS
PASS: unantialiased-shapes

unbounded-operator-image:       FAIL
unbounded-operator-xlib:        FAIL
FAIL: unbounded-operator
PASS: user-data

rel-path-image: PASS
rel-path-xlib:  PASS
PASS: rel-path
PASS: pthread-show-text

ft-font-create-for-ft-face-image:       PASS
ft-font-create-for-ft-face-xlib:        PASS
PASS: ft-font-create-for-ft-face

pdf-surface: Please check pdf-surface.pdf to make sure it looks happy.
PASS: pdf-surface

pdf-surface: Please check pdf-clip.pdf to make sure it looks happy.
PASS: pdf-clip

ps-surface: Please check ps-surface.ps to make sure it looks happy.
PASS: ps-surface

PASS: xlib-surface
9 of 63 tests failed
Please report to http://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=cairo
make[2]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/panels/toolbox/lgpl/cairo-1.0.2/test'
make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/panels/toolbox/lgpl/cairo-1.0.2/test'
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
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