[cairo-bugs] [Bug 4142] multiple test SEGVs because of NULL return from XRenderFindStandardFormat

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Wed Sep 7 15:55:18 PDT 2005

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------- Additional Comments From enchanter at users.sourceforge.net  2005-09-07 15:55 -------
Sorry to comment on a RESOLVED FIXED item, but I thought I would add a couple

- to answer Carl's question in comment #2, with the patch applied all of the
*-xlib tests show as UNTESTED in the output from "make check".

- the README in cairo-1.0.0 indicates that the xlib backend requires "Xrender >
0.6", however Owen's comments on this issue imply something that might not be
obvious to others: the xlib backend requires the Xrender API
(renderext/libXrender) *and* it requires that your X server supports the X
render extension.  Using the stock Tru64 X server I don't have the second
requirement, so I'm assuming that's why all the xlib tests are "UNTESTED".

If I've arrived at the correct conclusion, you might wish to update the README
to make it clear to others that having the API installed isn't enough to get the
xlib backend.

I don't know if freedesktop.org is using the "VERIFIED" state for bugs, but I
have verified that 1.0.0 fixes this particular issue (SEGVs in
XRenderFindStandarFormat for many tests).          
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