[cairo-bugs] [Bug 3927] Bogus metrics reported for glyph not available

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Mon Sep 26 02:55:33 PDT 2005

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------- Additional Comments From tml at iki.fi  2005-09-26 02:55 -------
pango_win32_get_unknown_glyph() returns the passed-in Unicode character ORed
with PANGO_WIN32_UNKNOWN_FLAG. In 2.6 days, the glyph indexes eventually were
passed to pango_win32_render() which notices this flag and replaces it with
glyph index 0 (which apparently in all TrueType fonts is the invalid glyph?).
cairo does not know about this PANGO_WIN32_UNKNOWN_FLAG so it thinks the glyph
index is a valid one.

As to why invalid glyphs are tried to be rendered in the first place, I don't
know. I could reproduce this problem only after editing the "sans" line in
pango.aliases, setting it to just "sans = arial", so that some of the non-ASCII
labels in testgtk::labels aren't covered. But why isn't it noticed earlier that
the "sans" font doesn't cover the attempted characters, I don't know.          
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