[cairo-bugs] [Bug 5845] win32 AlphaBlend should be used for ARGB32 destinations, not just RGB24

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Wed Feb 8 19:08:06 PST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From otaylor at redhat.com  2006-02-09 14:03 -------
Hmm. Yeah. Though it's sort of weird to say "if the destination bitmap
has an alpha channel" since the only representation of alpha in GDI
drawing calls *at all* is being a source for AlphaBlend... 

But if it experimentally works, we can use it until someone has problems...

The other point I was making is that this case always involves the 
destination surface being a DIB, so hardware acceleration isn't
a factor. Thus, you are just replacing the cross-platform software
code (fastish, but not super-optmized except for the fbmmx code) with
Microsoft's code.

That's why I was interested if you had any speed comparisons.          
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