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------- Comment #6 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-04-02 09:12 PST -------
I defer to others on decisions like this, but long ago I did raise the issue
(on the cairo mailing list) of which settings get the priority when various
things come into play, (cairo_set_font_options vs. things in configuration
files, etc.).

The consensus that came from that discussion, (and put forth by Keith Packard),
is a policy that the user should be allowed to override anything that a program
does. And the suggested mechanism for implementing that policy is that settings
in the configuration file should take precedence over other settings within the

Again, I'm not an expert in any of this, but the patch appears to be violating
that mechanism, (providing functionality to override the configuration file),
but as a means to meet the same policy, (allowing user-specified settings in
the preference dialog to be forced over anything else). So perhaps there's an
alternate way to achieve what you want.

I'd still love to see someone document a prioritized list of the various places
that fonts settings can come from. Otherwise, I fear we're in danger of
implementing oscillating behaviors here.


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