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------- Comment #7 from daniel.amelang at gmail.com  2007-04-04 22:41 PST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> Ok.  The patch seems harmless.  Just that it doesn't apply cleanly anymore.  I
> will apply it right away if an updated one is attached.

It does look harmless. But it also doesn't seem to make a difference either.
Brian said "this seems to improve the overall performance of running cairo-perf
by about 1%." Overall performance of cairo-perf? That's pretty unusual, as many
tests aren't even going to hit this code.

In addition, the 1% is more likely noise. There is a reason that
cairo-perf-diff-files ignores by default any speedup/slowdown of 5% or less.

So, I personally think it would be strange to apply a 691 line patch for a
performance improvement of 1%. But I've had a tough day, so maybe I'm being too
tough. And I don't want to discourage anybody helping in the performance area.
So...whatever. It _is_ harmless.

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