[cairo-bugs] [Bug 12031] Negated values in the matrices generated by the PostScript backend are badly rounded

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------- Comment #2 from cloos at jhcloos.com  2007-08-16 21:52 PST -------
I was looking into this a bit more while offline and noticed that the args are
doubles.  Because ‖-foo‖ ≠ foo I presumed the args were fixed point, but
I see from looking at the _cairo_matrix and _cairo_scaled_font structs that
they are in fact doubles.

Since ‖-double‖ ≡ double, that means there is a rounding bug in whatever
code is setting the matrix, since it is taking a single value and storing
differently-rounded versions of it in scaled_font->scale.xx and

So, I'll delete the patch and will try to determine where the bad rounding

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