[cairo-bugs] [Bug 4430] compile fails in cairo-ft-font.c; freetype version problem?

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Wed Aug 22 10:31:17 PDT 2007


------- Comment #6 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-08-22 10:31 PST -------
(In reply to comment #4)
> I think the way this bug was handled is not good style, to put it mildly.

Uhm... what?

Looking back at the history, it looks like Daniel Macks provided a fix
or workaround in less than two weeks after your original report. That
sounds like the bug report was a great success to me. Should we
complain that you didn't answer or verify that fix?

> Nobody bothers to answer or even verify it until it is so old that the
> operating system it references is also EOL. Great work.

The fact that it was closed now has nothing to do with how old the
operating system is that it references. It has to do with the fact
that cairo has changed a lot since then, so the details are likely
entirely not the same anymore.

As for you not getting more replies. I guess I could have said at some
point, "Strange, nobody else is reporting any problems like this---I
wonder what might be unique about your setup". So if not saying that
was a failing on our part, so be it. We're definitely busy, and we
don't always reply with every nicety possible. I'm sorry about that,
but that's really just the way it is to some extent. And I don't have
any magic answer for making it better.

In the future, if you are wondering why you're not getting a reply to
something, (in either bugzilla or the mailing list), please feel free
to follow up and ask why. That can often remind us that we haven't
followed up, (and also let us know that there's someone that's still
struggling with the issue and caring about it). Otherwise, it's hard
for us to disnguish from the case of someone posting a problem then
fixing things on their end, and not closing the bug report.

I hope that helps explain things.

And have fun with cairo!


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