[cairo-bugs] [Bug 11529] Performance of cairo is not good without XRender extension

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------- Comment #35 from brian.cameron at sun.com  2007-12-06 11:57 PST -------

Steps for running regression tests:

1) Go into the test directory of the cairo module
2) Run "make check"

- compare the output with and without this patch.  The same number of tests 
  should pass with & without the patch.

Steps for running performance tests

1) Go into the perf directory of the cairo module
2) Run "make cairo-perf-diff-files" to build the cairo-perf-diff-files utility"
3) Change "#!/bin/sh" on the first line of cairo-perf-diff to "#!/bin/bash"
   since this is needed to run it on Solaris
4) Run "make check" with and without your patch applied, redirect the output
   to a file like this "make check > perf-without-patch.txt" and "make check >
5) Run "cairo-perf-diff-files" passing it the two output files.  The first
   argument should be the output file without the patch and the second argument
   should be the output file with the patch.  If you reverse these, then it
   will show a slowdown instead of a speedup.

   For example:

   "cairo-perf-diff files perf-without-patch.txt perf-with-patch.txt".  

   This should generate a report showing you the speedup/slowdown of the 

I'd attach the output of #2, and also let us know whether test #1 shows any
tests failing.  If any tests fail with the patch which work okay without the
patch, then we need to figure out why before this can go upstream.

Does this help?

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