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------- Comment #29 from brian.cameron at sun.com  2007-12-14 15:02 PST -------

That last comment was crafted by me from an email thread discussion with a lot
of editing.  I asked James to review and he had some additional comments:

Mostly correct, except that the last sentence might cause some

"Or might it make
sense for cairo to adopt the "/256" method since it should work faster in
general, according to James?"

I didn't suggest that cairo should adopt the "/256" method.
It is faster, probably obvious to many programmers, but it's
kind of approximation.  The author of the pixman appeared to
have spent quite some effort to make it more accurate, i.e.,
using 255 as 1.0 of alpha.  The MMX/SSE code in pixman uses
similar algorithms so it can keep the same precision.  We
probably can change our SSE2 mediaLib code to do something
like that to get better performance, but it might be too
expensive for the VIS version to use similar algorithms.

You don't have to modify your question there.  But I guess the
answer would be "No" or even "Absolutely NOT!"

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