[cairo-bugs] [Bug 11529] Performance of cairo is not good without XRender extension

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> I can install a specific video adapter on my SPARC box to turn XRender on, and
> give more test results.

Do you really need to install additional hardware to "turn XRender on"? Doesn't
XSun have a pure software implementation of XRender?

> I think there's some work can be done in cairo lib to get the performance
> better.

In the general sense, yes, but in this particular case, I don't think so. The
main issue here isn't cairo, although it is involved in the problem. That is,
cairo (by design) tries to use the underlying graphics system where possible
(win32 on windows, quartz on mac, etc). The problem here is that cairo is using
an X server without modern rendering capabilities (XRender is 7 years old now).
The poor performance is _primarily_ due to your X server, not cairo.

Cairo was designed to match the semantics of (and thus take advantage of) the X
Render extension. Compatibility with XRender-less X servers was implemented to
ease the transition, but making cairo _fast_ on XRender-less X servers has
never been a goal, AFAIK.

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