[cairo-bugs] [Bug 11529] Performance of cairo is not good without XRender extension

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Mon Jul 30 07:30:07 PDT 2007


------- Comment #16 from brian.cameron at sun.com  2007-07-30 07:29 PST -------

In response to comment #14 and the related bug #10151.  The mediaLib team is
planning to also release the "interesting" bits of the project sometime in the
near future.  There are some issues that they have been working through.  I
don't know the exact details, but I did ping them on this a few weeks ago and
they said it should happen in the next month or so.

Just, FYI, it has been my prodding the mediaLib team and the fact that it is
used in GTK+ and cairo (at least in our Sun patched versions) that has caused
them to recognize the value in moving mediaLib to opensource licensing.

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