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------- Comment #9 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-03-05 08:42 PST -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> I do notice that the functions that have MEDIALIB tunings aren't exercised a
> great deal by this performance suite: fbCombineOverU called 3.67% of the time, 
> fbCombineMaskU 1.67% of the time, fbStore_a8 0.03% of the time, and
> fbCombineInU not at all.
> So, almost 50% of the total time is in just the above functions.  I wonder if
> the performance test coverage is a bit poor?

The general strategy we've been taking is to allow the performance suite to
grow according to specific performance issues that people encounter or work to

Perctange of time spent in any given function across the entire performance
test suite is not an interesting metric at all. We have not done any work to
balance that, nor do we report any metrics across the entire test suite.

Instead, as you work to improve specific aspects of cairo's performance, you
should be writing new performance test cases, (see cairo/perf/README), to
exercise the aspects of interest. After adding the test cases, then you can add
your fixes and cairo-perf-diff will then demonstrate the improvement. And, with
this approach, the existence of the test case will help us to avoid any future
performance regression in this area.

Thanks for your efforts to improve cairo.


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