[cairo-bugs] [Bug 7735] cairo doesn't support 8-bit truecolor visuals

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Thu Mar 15 08:18:57 PDT 2007


------- Comment #27 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-03-15 07:18 PST -------
(In reply to comment #26)
> Error: Cairo 1.4.0 does not yet support the requested image format:
>         Depth: 8
>         Alpha mask: 0x00000000
>         Red   mask: 0x00000000
>         Green mask: 0x00000000
>         Blue  mask: 0x00000000

For what it's worth, the above visual is PseudoColor, not TrueColor. But that
visual is also not supported in cairo yet, (see bug #4945).

And looking at your xdpyinfo output:

>   default visual id:  0x21
>   visual:
>     visual id:    0x21
>     class:    PseudoColor
>     depth:    8 planes

Here you can see that the default visual is 8-bit PseudoColor.

>     class:    TrueColor
>     depth:    24 planes

And here you can see that 24-bit TrueColor is also available (in several
varieties). So if you can configure your X server to advertise one of these as
the default visual, or if you can configure your applications to select one of
these visuals, then you should be able to get things working without any change
to cairo.


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