[cairo-bugs] [Bug 13303] _cairo_pen_find_active_cw_vertex_index failed assertion

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------- Comment #1 from cworth at cworth.org  2007-11-20 21:37 PST -------
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> First of all i'm very sorry for the problem i've caused with bug 10231.

Please don't worry about it. I think I was just grouchy this morning,
and I probably let too much of that come through in my response. Sorry
about that.

> I'm getting this crash with swfdec git 7c377ba3852ca8c66e5d42bbdec7662ca9b7a4fd
> while loading http://www.labottegadellabici.it/index.swf in firefox.
> Without installing the mozilla plugin you can reproduce by:
> swfdec-dir/player/swfplay http://www.labottegadellabici.it/link.swf

Thanks for the details on how to replicate it. Unfortunately I haven't
been able to replicate the failure. I've compiled exactly that
revision of swfdec and run it with a locally downloaded copy of
link.swf against many versions of cairo (current HEAD from git,
1.4.10, 1.4.0, 1.2.6), and in all cases I get the same behavior.

Namely, I see complaints like the following:

SWFDEC: WARN : swfdec_shape_parser.c(279): swfdec_shape_parser_finish:
fillstyle 0 has no path
SWFDEC: WARN : swfdec_shape_parser.c(279): swfdec_shape_parser_finish:
fillstyle 1 has no path
SWFDEC: WARN : swfdec_shape_parser.c(279): swfdec_shape_parser_finish:
fillstyle 2 has no path
SWFDEC: WARN : swfdec_shape_parser.c(279): swfdec_shape_parser_finish:
fillstyle 3 has no path
SWFDEC: ERROR: swfdec_codec_gst.c(231): swfdec_gst_decoder_init: failed to
create decoder
SWFDEC: ERROR: swfdec_codec_audio.c(192): swfdec_audio_decoder_new: no suitable
decoder for audio codec 2

Then a window appears with large text at the top of "La Bottega della
Bici", a picture of a person on a bicycle, a large yellow rectangle,
and 6 text "buttons" at the bottom, (some gray and some black). I
can't seem to get anything else to happen, (the buttons don't do
anything for example), but I also can't get any crash.

Since you're able to exercise the failure, what might help is if you
could use libcairowrap[*] and capture the last few cairo calls leading
to the crash.


[*] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~company/libcairowrap/

Benjamin, I assume this is a recent version. We should probably go
ahead and host a repository for this on git.freedesktop.org to be more
"official". Any reason not to do that?

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