[cairo-bugs] [Bug 13334] Low quality text output on the win32 printing surface with freetype backend

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------- Comment #3 from ajohnson at redneon.com  2007-11-21 14:19 PST -------
The lack of antialiasing is not a bug. The win32-printing surface is designed
for printing where generally printers do there own antialiasing.

When using win32-printing to create a EMF file, the EMF file contains a
sequence of GDI functions such as MoveToEx, LineTo, StrokePath etc. When you
replay the EMF to a device, how these GDI functions are displayed is outside
the control of cairo. Windows GDI does not do antialiasing so you not get
antialising when displaying an EMF file to the screen.

If you use Windows fonts to create the EMF you will get antialiased output when
you display the EMF to the screen because GDI does antialiase the display of

The problem with using the FreeType font backend with win32-printing is that
the glyphs are drawn with a sequence of GDI opererations (move, line, fill
etc). This will not give you any antialising when Windows displays the EMF. 

If you use Windows fonts, the EMF records the ExtTextOut commands so when
replaying the glyphs are displayed using the ExtTextOut function which does
antialias fonts.

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