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------- Comment #26 from brian.cameron at sun.com  2007-11-29 16:43 PST -------

Okay, thanks for being patient with me, and helping me get going with the
regression tests and verifying the performance benfits with cairo-perf.

I think based on these tests, I recommend that we add this patch upstream, but
only tune the function fbCombineOverU.  This adds no regressions according to
the regression tests and improves performance significantly according to

Does this make sense?  

I will touch base with the mediaLib team.  The problems I am seeing with the
two functions that break the regression tests (fbCombineMaskU and fbCombineInU)
may be due to bugs in the mediaLib code.  If so, perhaps I can work with them
to fix those bugs, and propose these changes again later.  Or perhaps we can
figure out a way to make the code conditionally use the mediaLib functions for
the cases where it doesn't cause regressions.  It seems that the mediaLib
implementations only cause regressions in the argb case.

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