[cairo-bugs] [Bug 12717] CLAMP macro instead of _cairo_restrict_value

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Sat Oct 6 12:14:42 PDT 2007


------- Comment #3 from daniel.amelang at gmail.com  2007-10-06 12:17 PST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> The macro expands its arguments multiple times, so it's not a drop-in
> replacement.  Our solution to the problem you raise is: first show us that it's
> a performance bottleneck, then move the function into the header and make it
> inline.

FWIW, some time last year I also tried "fixing" clamping in cairo, but could
never find a realistic test case that made _cairo_restrict_value (or any
function that called it) take up a significant portion of the profile (even on
ARM9 w/out FPU).

After having said that, though, I hope you aren't discouraged from contributing
to cairo. There's still plenty to do. Hope you stick around.

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