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--- Comment #2 from Pavel Panchekha <pavpanchekha at gmail.com>  2008-04-09 19:03:32 PST ---
The bug seems to also have appeared in 1.5.18 (due to reports from others) but
I never upgraded to that version (it was pulled from the repos). The previous
version was probably 1.5.16, but I don't think its possible to be certain. In
any case, before the upgrade, the bug did not show up.

I can't be certain that this is a bug in cairo itself, but it seems likely due
to the reports of major regressions in 1.5.18 - perhaps some sneaked into
1.5.20. Since filing the bug report, I've been unable to replicate it again.

I'll provide any help I can, don't want 1.6 to have this bug :)

(In reply to comment #0)
> With version 1.5.20 in Ubuntu Hardy, artifacts are left on the screen by
> applications that use cario for rendering. And example is AWN, which leaves
> artifacts on the screen after resizing.
> The problem is difficult to reproduce - it seems to only happen every once in a
> while - I happened twice after upgrading (I unfortunately took no screenshots)
> and has not happened since. I've noticed this in only in AWN so far, and other
> apps seem unaffected, but that could be solely because of the low frequency of
> the bug.

(In reply to comment #1)
> Are you confident that the bug is unique to cairo 1.5.20?
> Did you not see the bug under similar usage with previous cairo versions?
> And in that case, do you know which cairo versions you had been using
> previously?
> We are just about to relabel 1.5.20 as our big 1.6.0 release, so it would
> be good to know if there's a recent regression here.
> Thanks for any input you can provide.
> -Carl

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