[cairo-bugs] [Bug 16937] Win32 printing backend draws black background behind vector graphics

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--- Comment #1 from Zac Luzader <zac.lu.zader+f at gmail.com>  2008-08-06 18:12:21 PST ---
I can confirm this in pycairo/pygtk on winxp:
gtk (2, 12, 10)
pygtk (2, 12, 1)
cairo 1.6.4
pycairo (1, 4, 12)

I can also confirm that bug occurs when using a virtual pdf printer
(pdfcreator), as well as when using a real printer.

A black rectangle is painted behind vector graphics, the rectangle is the same
as the path's bounding box. For example:


produces a black square, 100x100, instead of a line.

I've noticed some other clues:

* You need not draw over an image to trigger the bug. Attempting to draw on
blankness will trigger it too.
* Notably, the show_text function is not effected. i.e.
context.show_text("blah"); context.fill() works as expected.
* Using panocairo, however does trigger the bug. Presumably pangocairo uses
normal paths instead of show_text or show_glyphs.

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