[cairo-bugs] [Bug 18632] failed assertion `CAIRO_REFERENCE_COUNT_HAS_REFERENCE ( &pattern->ref_count)' when using cairo quartz backend

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Tue Dec 9 02:12:36 PST 2008


--- Comment #1 from Asko Kauppi <askok at dnainternet.net>  2008-12-09 02:12:24 PST ---
I can reproduce this bug on any of the systems (OS X PowerPC/Intel, Linux x86,
Windows XP).

It is a statistical bug, happening randomly. To repeat:

1. Get "TexasFlag" project from Google pages or subversion (recommended):

   svn co svn://slugak.dyndns.org/public/2009/TX

2. "make run"

4. There should be a Texas flag drawn in a GUI window. 

5. Start resizing the window by dragging from its corner.  Within a second or
so, you'd get a crash.

On OS X, it may be beneficial to start the utility like (gives you the console

$ TexasFlag.app/Contents/MacOS/TexasFlag 
Assertion failed: (CAIRO_REFERENCE_COUNT_HAS_REFERENCE (&cr->ref_count)),
function cairo_destroy, file cairo.c, line 218.

Running Cairo 1.8.4 on all the systems.

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