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Fri Jan 11 03:22:37 PST 2008

output as a clip path followed by a fill. This is because the cairo backend of
poppler only supports FreeType fonts. When Windows fonts are not used,
win32-printing embeds text as paths. Currently this is done by setting a clip
path and painting the source pattern as this will work for any pattern.

Looking at the PDF there are couple of places where the pattern (solid black)
is painted without a clip path. I am assuming that these were glyphs with an
empty path. Without a clip the entire page is painted with solid black.

I have pushed out a couple of patches to :

- don't clip and paint if the path is empty;a=commit;h=2574cc35b3478e7333bd4953e90a3edc5f7c4f16

- use fill instead of clip and paint for non Windows fonts;a=commit;h=7ef4caaf11379cb50a08520f729552553de60660

Can you test these to see if the problem is fixed.

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