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Tue Jan 22 15:49:35 PST 2008


--- Comment #30 from Behdad Esfahbod <freedesktop at behdad.org>  2008-01-22 15:49:31 PST ---
- In cairo_lcd_filter_t docs, both FIR's are documented as 5x5.

- Maybe put them in this order: DEFAULT, NONE, INTRA_PIXEL, FIR3, FIR5.

+    /* XXXsyp is this needed? */
+    if (other->base.lcd_filter == CAIRO_LCD_FILTER_NONE)
+       options->base.lcd_filter = CAIRO_LCD_FILTER_NONE;

Well, this is one of the controversial areas in the current cairo-ft code.  I'm
not sure, but following neighboring code, seems like this is correct.  Remove
the XXX.

Looks good to me.  Can be merged!  Just fixed the above as a followup patch in
your tree and I'll fetch and push!

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