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I had additional info about his from one of our users i'm attaching the eps
next but here are his comments


I've dug up some info re the font problem.

1. From a web page having to do with Illustrator and problem eps files:

"If an EPS file [with an embedded font] is opened using Adobe Illustrator® on
a computer that does not have the font installed, the font will be substituted.
This is to prevent illegal use of the embedded font.

"Linking means to not incorporate the font information directly into the file,
but to reference the font file as a separate component outside of the source
file. This is not recommended because it requires that separate font files
travel with the source file.

"Outlining, in general terms, turns a font into a set of paths... technically
making it no longer a font (problem solved!). Outlining fonts typically will
not result in a noticeable loss of quality, therefore this is the preferred way
to handle fonts prior to saving an
EPS file." [But the font can then not be edited.]

2. The attached eps, generated with Matplotlib (i.e., Python), has
Illustrator-editable text -- not in the form of outlines. But I don't believe
the font is embedded and it also may not be TrueType. When I open the file in
Illustrator I first get a similar error to what I reported before:

Font problems. Helvetica-Narrow: Default font substituted for missing font,

In the CDAT case the font was identified as "f-0-0" and the figure opened with
garbage characters. But with this figure the font substitution actually works.
However, if I set the font in CDAT to Helvetica (x.setdefaultfont(4)) it is
still identified by Illustrator (and in the eps file) as "f-0-0" and the figure
opens with all the text stripped out, despite the "font substitution." Could
there be a font naming issue?

Also, is it possible to specify a font without embedding it? One of the
"standard" ps fonts might have to be used, but these might be more readily
recognized and accepted by other programs such as Illustrator.

Hope this is helpful, and thanks (as usual!) for the assistance

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