[cairo-bugs] [Bug 16299] cairo tests assume /bin/sh is bash

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--- Comment #2 from Michael <mjbauer at eecs.tufts.edu>  2008-06-12 12:04:26 PST ---
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> --- Comment #1 from Behdad Esfahbod <freedesktop at behdad.org>  2008-06-11 16:48:16 PST ---
> Can you tell me which parts of those scripts is bash-specific?
Any instance of ! in an if will not work in sh.

For example (from cairo-1.6.4/src/check-dev.sh):

    if ! which nm 2>/dev/null >/dev/null; then

does not work in Solaris stock /bin/sh, but it will in bash.

That's the first bash-ism I came across in any of the scripts when 
trying to run the test suite; there are likely more.  I did not further 
explore; I just changed the #! invocation from /bin/sh to 
/usr/local/bin/bash on all of them.


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