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--- Comment #5 from Mark Pazolli <cedarsx at gmail.com>  2008-03-02 08:03:38 PST ---
An update on this issue before I go to bed...

After running the standard tests as well as rolling one of my own I verified
that the Quartz backend handled padding of the radial gradients fine.

After a little rummaging through the code I discovered the problem was with
libsvg-cairo which had not accounted for padding of radial gradients (only
repeating and reflecting). By adding the following after line 601:

+       cairo_pattern_set_extend (pattern, CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD);
+       break;

The bug was solved. I went to file a bug report but couldn't find the right
component. It then occurred to me it would be best to check git to see if the
problem had already been fixed - but I had no luck finding the git for

Perplexed I went on to IRC, where it was suggested that libsvg and libsvg-cairo
might have been deprecated and librsvg was now the preferred renderer. This is
unfortunate as I don't know how well librsvg will support Mac OS X/Quartz also
I had invested some time in getting libsvg to work.

I will write to the Cairo mailing list in the morning to get a feel for what's
happening with libsvg and whether there's any interest in continuing its
development and, if not, whether there are any suitable alternatives for Mac OS
X/Quartz. At the very least maybe I can get the libsvg snapshots put in an
"unsupported" directory so others don't make the same mistake as me.

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