[cairo-bugs] [Bug 17973] Miter artifact for dashed strokes.

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Wed Oct 8 10:34:17 PDT 2008


--- Comment #2 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>  2008-10-08 10:33:51 PST ---
This is the cause of the odd behaviour:
(cairo-path-stroke::_cairo_stroker_line_to_dashed(), line ~931)
/* This segment ends on a transition to dash_on, compute a new face
 * and add cap for the beginning of the next dash_on step.
 * Note: this will create a degenerate cap if this is not the last line
 * in the path. Whether this behaviour is desirable or not is debatable.
 * On one side these degenerate caps can not be reproduced with
 * regular path stroking.
 * On the other side Acroread 7 also produces the degenerate caps.

So the result is we insert a degenerate cap between the dashed segments. Time
to extend the test...

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