[cairo-bugs] [Bug 11938] Text is drawn with red and blue channels swapped on ABGR hardware

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Mikhail Zabaluev <mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Mikhail Zabaluev <mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com>  2008-10-10 08:14:39 PST ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> *** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 5112 ***

You most probably meant some other bug.

--- Comment #4 from Michael Lorenz <macallan at netbsd.org>  2008-10-10 08:19:20 PST ---
By the way, I found that the problem may not be in cairo after all - there are
still plenty of RGB vs. BGR problems in the Xserver's XRENDER code - half of it
( like rgb32 x a8 -> rgb32 )  assumes that source and destination pixmap always
use the same pixel format which is clearly bogus.

--- Comment #5 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>  2008-10-10 13:51:10 PST ---
I meant bug 5212, of which the cairo portion is a dup of. XRender only operates
on surfaces of identical format and if cairo feed in argb32 x a8, then that
would be a serious bug in cairo.

Thanks for checking.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 5212 ***

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