[cairo-bugs] [Bug 4846] Performance problems for GTK+/Cairo on MacOS X

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Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #21 from Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>  2008-10-10 14:15:14 PST ---
An optimized _cairo_fixed_from_double() was implemented based on the stereopsis
example (with the caveat that banker's rounding is still used), Carl completely
rewrote the tessellator based on John Hobby's thesis (with the caveat that
there is still room for performance tweaks, but the algorithm itself is
state-of-the-art) and its difficult to beat the library qsort (and we can't
currently avoid it) - and the compute_x() in cairo-traps.c is no more.

Please keep profiling and reporting hotspots - though sadly, it seems all the
low-hanging fruit in cairo has been picked. Though there is interesting work
afoot in areas like polygon rasterisation and utilising different hardware
architectures (a high-level OpenGL interface, as opposed to the low-level
implementation of XRender over OpenGL). But in order to demonstrate that any of
this is worthwhile we need real-world profiles/benchmarks...

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