[cairo-bugs] [Bug 17693] Use libspectre when available for ps tests

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--- Comment #6 from Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc at gnome.org>  2008-10-12 08:54:19 PST ---
Hi Chris, sorry for not replying before,

(In reply to comment #4)
> Along one branch I did use spectre for the test suite, but I found that the
> output from the gs display device had more discrepancies wrt the reference
> images than the pngAlpha device.

Currently it's only possible to render using the display device (well and
pdfwrite) but I'm open to new ideas. Probably a lower level API that allows
using gs with any device and any additional parameters. 

> In order to use spectre/gs for the PS test suite target, you also need to
> adjust the boilerplate code to call any2ppm. See the patch to
> cairo-boilerplate-ps.c within
> http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=users/ickle/cairo;a=commitdiff;h=d45c8d348bb1f957f4f927abef24e114745722a2.
> Once the test suite is using any2ppm to rasterise PS, I would like to start
> using gs in a jobserver mode in order to avoid the initialisation overhead
> (which is quite substantial) and to start using the cairo output device. (In
> short running the full test-suite over 2/3 of the elapsed time is spent within
> gs. Hacks like micro-GS show that is possible to substantially reduce that
> time, but lack the independence and maturity required to provide conformance
> testing.) Carlos, can you suggest the best way to tackle this using spectre?

Right now we are creating and destroying the gs instance when rendering every
page. I already had in mind to try using a single gs instance per document, but
I'm not sure it helps so much.

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