[cairo-bugs] [Bug 17096] nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in cairo_surface_get_font_options ()

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Fri Sep 12 15:49:02 PDT 2008


--- Comment #2 from John Clemens <clemej at gmail.com>  2008-09-12 15:48:57 PST ---
Verified that the above patch fixed the problem in that it at least prevents
the segfault and the thumbnail even works.

Verified by compiling the cairo from the commit just before this one, and then
running firefox with the compiled library LD_LIBRARY_PATH'd in.  doing
File->Open File, and navigating to the directory with the bad file.  With the
commit before this, firefox crashes.. with this fix, it works. 

So, this fixes the bug in cairo, but should error surfaces be getting down this
far? i.e., does this point to another bug in librsvg or pango?

Thanks for the fix.

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