[cairo-bugs] [Bug 9189] Dashed strokes too long with gradient paint in PDF

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--- Comment #4 from Paul Sephton <paul at inet.co.za>  2008-09-29 05:08:01 PST ---
This may a duplicate of bug 17723, but it's not at all "hidden".  I see Carl
Worth says he tested the code in this bug report, and it "is working".  My
problem, on the other hand is not noticeably absent.

It's quite easy to replicate- especially with printer surfaces.  Bug 17723
lists a 2-liner patch to fallback_resolution.c which demonstrates exactly how
easy it is;  simply set the line style to dashed lines instead of solid lines
in that example, and voila- an instant mess.

In fact in my opinion it's impossible to draw dashed lines to a printer context
without this problem occurring, unless you set the fallback resolution of the
surface to match the physical device resolution.

That means that for some win32 printers, the fallback resolution must be set to
1200x600 [inefficient], where for PDF and postscript, the fallback resolution
must be set to 72x72 [insufficient].  Besides the fact that anything at 72x72
resolution looks like rubbish, the PDF/Postscript result is inconsistent with
win32 output.

Of course, since there is a single fallback resolution for the whole surface,
the inconsistency does not just apply to dashed lines;  If you adjust the
fallback resolution to something nonsensical like 72x72 just to get the dashed
lines working, the whole graphic is rendered in that resolution- not just
dashed lines.

This is a major problem when producing output for printers where the graphic
contains dashes.  

If anyone has any work-arounds in the interim, I would be most grateful.

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