[cairo-bugs] [Bug 18008] Can't link on Tru64: argument list too long

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--- Comment #6 from Peter O'Gorman, The Written Word, Inc. <pogma at thewrittenword.com>  2009-12-29 10:54:42 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> Peter, thanks for the explanation of the behaviour. Adding the exception for
> Tru64 (and any others?)

Libtool does similar things for IRIX and NonStop UX but instead of adding all
versions from $CURRENT - $AGE to $CURRENT, they just use the sonum (so 3 for
libcairo.so.3) and add compatibility versions from 0 to $REVISION, so this
could be a problem if $REVISION were very large.

For example cairo-1.6.4 on IRIX has:
                      SONAME: libcairo.so.3
               MIPS_IVERSION: sgi3.4:sgi3.3:sgi3.2:sgi3.1:sgi3.0:sgi3.5

It is not currently a problem for cairo on these systems, only Tru64.

Unfortunately it is difficult for Libtool to change the versioning scheme for
these systems without breaking binary compatibility for all libtool using

Cairo, however can change the versioning scheme just for *-osf*, as it is
impossible for anyone to build cairo-1.8.x on these systems with the current
version-info (so it's not really breaking binary compat).

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