[cairo-bugs] [Bug 19487] Not all the relevant documents are followed when make a ToUnicode map for PDF

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--- Comment #9 from Barry Schwartz <chemoelectric at chemoelectric.org>  2009-01-11 02:20:02 PST ---
(In reply to comment #8)
> (In reply to comment #7)
> > Then what about the ability for an application to supply a ToUnicode of its
> > own? This wouldn't cause any bloat in the library; however, application authors
> > would have to do more work (though likely much less work than with ActualText).
> That's what the cairo_show_text_glyphs() API function does.

I've fitted a lookup trie into a string 126023 bytes long; for the price of
those 126023 bytes, plus a few exception cases, and some tiny bits of C code
yet to be written, one can have smaller PDFs, considerably simpler application
code, and text extraction for all applications when using modern LGC fonts.

Admittedly, most Cairo apps aren't going to use it for typesetting efficient

Alright, well, I can patch my own or use something else. Thanks for

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