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--- Comment #83 from Nicolaus L Hepler <nlhepler at gmail.com>  2009-01-27 13:04:44 PST ---
(In reply to comment #82)

I will initiate an API discussion later today on the cairo mailing list, then.
I was hoping Behdad's short quip (comment #68) was enough to convince you, but
a discussion is probably for the best.

Latest review? I went hunting around the mailing lists looking for said review,
but could not find it. At least nothing after it was removed prior to 1.8.0.
Are you talking about something before? I should hop onto the irc channel. I
would relish the opportunity to dig in and learn more about these APIs.


> (In reply to comment #80)
> > It would be nice to have this fixed as well as getting a working version of the
> > fallback patch finally upstream. I wish my time wasn't so spotty, but it would
> > also be encouraging to hear from either Behdad or Carl. I know Cairo is a
> > cross-platform tool, and these guys have to worry about other things cropping
> > up elsewhere, but these patches really help usability for some of the linux
> > guys. I know Behdad isn't fired up about this issue, but you, Brandon, and I at
> > least see a point to getting these patches upstream in some acceptable form.
> I still feel the some way about the API issues as I did when I wrote comment
> #67 above. Has anyone written a patch to address my concerns there?
> Also, Behdad's latest review identified some bugs in the patch he saw as well.
> Have those been addressed?
> -Carl

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