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--- Comment #84 from Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org>  2009-01-27 14:02:01 PST ---
(In reply to comment #83)
> (In reply to comment #82) 
> I will initiate an API discussion later today on the cairo mailing list, then.
> I was hoping Behdad's short quip (comment #68) was enough to convince you, but
> a discussion is probably for the best.

You can see my reply to that above. But I'd already asked for this discussion
to happen on the list, not in this bug report. So, I think it's great you'll be
taking it up there.

> Latest review? I went hunting around the mailing lists looking for said review,
> but could not find it.

I was talking about comment #76. But I misread that---it was from Brandon, not
Behdad. But I still would like to know if those issued have been fixed.

> Are you talking about something before? I should hop onto the irc channel. I
> would relish the opportunity to dig in and learn more about these APIs.

I'll look forward to chatting with you there.


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