[cairo-bugs] [Bug 22685] New: text-transform-test-meta-argb32 test crashes

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Thu Jul 9 11:41:36 PDT 2009


           Summary: text-transform-test-meta-argb32 test crashes
           Product: cairo
           Version: 1.8.8
          Platform: x86 (IA32)
        OS/Version: Mac OS X (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: general
        AssignedTo: cworth at cworth.org
        ReportedBy: keelerda at gmail.com
         QAContact: cairo-bugs at cairographics.org

text-transform-test-meta-argb32 test fails with a crash (segmentation fault) on
OS X 10.5.7

Here's the relevant parts of the crash report:

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000000c0000045
Crashed Thread:  0

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000b2ee7 cairo_font_face_destroy + 55
1   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000c9a02
_cairo_scaled_font_fini_internal + 34 (cairo-scaled-font.c:723)
2   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000c9a8d _cairo_scaled_font_fini + 45
3   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000ca078
_cairo_scaled_font_map_destroy + 136 (cairo-scaled-font.c:389)
4   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000b37f7
_cairo_font_face_reset_static_data + 23 (cairo-font-face.c:772)
5   libcairo.2.dylib                    0x000b2deb
cairo_debug_reset_static_data + 11 (cairo-debug.c:67)
6   text-transform                      0x00002791 cairo_test_fini + 113
7   text-transform                      0x00004926 cairo_test + 518
8   text-transform                      0x000022bb main + 27
9   text-transform                      0x00001f56 start + 54

Thread 0 crashed with X86 Thread State (32-bit):
  eax: 0xc0000041  ebx: 0x000b2ec4  ecx: 0x00000000  edx: 0x00000000
  edi: 0x00515c40  esi: 0x0050ac90  ebp: 0xbffff328  esp: 0xbffff310
   ss: 0x0000001f  efl: 0x00210202  eip: 0x000b2ee7   cs: 0x00000017
   ds: 0x0000001f   es: 0x0000001f   fs: 0x00000000   gs: 0x00000037
  cr2: 0xc0000045

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